Preparing for Fashion Domination

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I had the most perfectly wonderful day yesterday. It started with a morning work-y meeting that I really enjoyed (added bonus: really tasty coffee!). Then, I met my sewing teacher and classmate to buy lots and lots of important sewing paraphernalia and scope out some of the best fabric stores in Chinatown. I invited them along on my afternoon plan of visiting some favorite artsy design shops, and then our teacher took us to her favorite local dumpling place, which was just delicious.

Deep breath. And THEN, we traveled across the city to Arab Street and the best ribbon and trim store in the city. (More on that later.) And then, we popped in a few more of my favorite artsy-fun shopping stores, including my secret secondhand Japanese-clothing store where they were in the process of unloading a brand new shipment of vintage kimonos. (!!!) I bought four. And then, I stopped off at the fantabulous design bookstore, and then, to the greatest camera repair shop ever, run by this really nice guy who loves cameras and got me all excited about the photography course I start next week. And then: delicious Indian food. And then: bed. Sigh. *Smile.*


Anonymous said...

WELL!!!!!!!! I found it and was sooooo relieved to fianlyy have found your face!!!!!! Over the camera in the pretty whie and blue frock! Cutiepie!
YOU are prolific!!!!!!!!!!! now wander you get trired!!!

Unknown said...

where do you go for sewing classes? And i think i know the secret secondhand store you're referring to - they do have lovely kimonos! supposed to have stopped reading 30 mins ago, but i'm still here!

Anonymous said...

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