It's almost heeeeeeere! (Refinery29 DC edition launches tomorrow!!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How excited are we for the new Refinery29 D.C. edition? So, so excited, and not just because our Butler & Claypool cohort Holly is running the show.

D.C. has needed a comprehensive, dedicated fashion website for a long, long time. It launches tomorrow, Oct. 31, so be sure to check it out (and sign up for the daily newsletter to get invited to the launch party on Thursday at Madewell). Will be cuteness galore, to be sure. Hooray.

(In related news, how do I find this amazing striped blanket skirt spotted in one of Refinery29's street style archives? WANT.)

Good Online Shopping (aka Things I've Bought Lately and Loved)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

As part of my AmEx-sponsored $250 shopping giveaway (Have you entered yet? The random drawing is this Tuesday!), AmEx offered me the chance to remedy my past-online-shopping wrongs and purchase five pieces that were actually good buys.

Seeing as how I'd just come off of an unfortunate Etsy purchase (a too large, and very unattractive vintage dress), I readily agreed. Here's what I bought — and what I found makes for a good online purchase.

1. Zara black satchel bag. I'd been craving one since gushing over satchels weeks and weeks ago. Rather than shell out for an uber-expensive, ultra-trendy option, I opted for this mid-range, classic version. It looks luxe, is well-made, and the price was much more reasonable than some of my $400+ lusted pieces. Sites like Shopstyle let me do some good comparison shopping before I landed on the best one.

2. Wolford Matte 80 Opaque tights. These really are amazing — and a classic winter staple. (Last year, I wore them almost every day.) It's worth paying more for high quality items that will last — and saved me a trek to a store.

3. Zara tuxedo blazer. I tried this on in the store and instantly loved it's classic retro-ness — but the store version was already smudged and dirty. (Which doesn't bode well for my klutzy ways. But.) By ordering online, I was able to get a fresh option that hadn't bore hundreds of dirty hands fingering it.

4. RVCA circle scarf. When shopping — whether online or off — you've got to know your own wardrobe and what you need. This cowl scarf instantly jazzes up basic sweaters, adding new life to old standards. Done and done.

5. Fossil heeled menswear booties. The pitfalls of shopping for shoes online require a generous return policy, just in case. It's also easy to get sucked in to cute trends (leopard booties! 5-inch platforms!). I'd been lusting after a menswear-ish heel and found this affordable option from an unexpected source (thanks again, Shopstyle!). I made sure to check the heel height and customer reviews so I knew exactly what I was getting. And voila! They're perfect.

There's still a few more days to share your worst online shopping moment and get entered to win the $250 AmEx giveaway!

And tell me: What (good, smart) purchase will you make if you win the giveaway?

Artists We Love: Patrick Hruby

Friday, October 21, 2011

I've become a little obsessed with Patrick Hruby's graphic, colorful designs. Some lucky children I know just might get his books or memory game come Christmas.

PS) Have you entered our big giveaway yet? No? Get on that!

Advice! And a huge giveaway! And pretty things!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

As someone who's perennially on the road (and constantly connected to a computer/iPad/smartphone), I shop online a lot. A LOT, a lot. Usually, it's hassle-free and easy to do. Usually. Then there was the time I bought the pricey Dries Van Noten electric blue heels in a fit of shopping excitement on final sale, only to realize upon arrival that they were a) too small and b) too tall and c) absolutely unreturnable. Those shoes are sitting in the closet. I'm thinking of turning them into an art display.

So when AmEx Membership Rewards (client and sponsor) asked me to blog about my worst online shopping mistakes — and also prove how savvy I could be, now that I've suffered these unfortunate mishaps — I jumped at the chance.

Oh, but that's not all. Those Dries shoes are among my biggest shopping pitfalls. But what I really what to know is: What's your biggest online shopping mistake? Leave it in the comments, and I'll be picking one lucky commenter to win $250 in gift cards (to Saks, or Neiman Marcus) or some cool fashion finds.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is leave a comment here with your worst online fashion shopping disaster. We'll randomly select a winner to get the $250 prize. It's open to everyone. So spill: What (too small, too tight) skeleton tees do you have in your closet?

*The above Alexander McQueen shoes have nothing to do with this, other than they strike me as something you might buy and regret later due to impracticality. And the fact that you could have gotten, like, a car instead.

Don't Tell Me Not to Live, Just Sit and Putter...

If you've never seen Barbra belt out "Don't Rain on My Parade" in "Funny Girl," well, you're in for a colorful vintagey treat. With a fur muff and hat as the cherry on top!

And if you've never seen the Glee version, well, that's a musical treat too, although admittedly with less retro goodness:

Lust List: Bags and Jewels and Peter Pan Collars, oh my!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've missed you, dear readers! Please know that it has been a crazy month, complete with travel — to Houston, Austin, L.A., Nebraska and NYC, for starters — and tons o' work and so much shopping (especially with stocking up for our next Butler & Claypool vintage sale). Plus, I met Alexa Chung at Madewell D.C., and that made me giddy enough to completely forget about blogging for awhile. Whoops.

But I'm back! And I have some fun things coming this week, starting with: my recent obsessions. Much of my shopping lately has been of the vintage variety, but that doesn't mean I'm not lusting after some very cool pieces. That I can't afford. (Except the collar.) Because I spent my money on vintage instead. Still, if I will the lottery (heck, if I get a winning scratch-off ticket), here's what I'm getting:

(Clockwise from top left)
1. Kristin leather round satchel, Coach, $698.

2. Emerson Made white tux, $238.

3. Asos leather peter pan collar, $26.19.

4. Kate Spade aquamarine studs, $195.

Dear lottery fairy godmother, please and thank you. xoxo