A Weekend's Worth of Birthday Outfits

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So, it was my birthday this weekend. Hurrah! One of the best things about birthdays is that you get to wear your most colorful, bright, poufy outfits and no one can tell you otherwise. Think Birthday Girl, circa Age Six.

And so, I chronicled my birthday dress choices this year for all of you. (On my way out to the patio – where the best light is – Mike says, "Are you taking pictures of yourself out there?" Me: "Yep, for the blog!" Mike: "Oh. I thought maybe you were becoming really narcissistic or something.") Um. Yes. Well. But let's have a look anyway:

To your left, Friday's fancy-dinner outfit: Vintage striped dress from Park Slope Flea Market (my birthday dress of choice for the past five years, it should be noted); with vintage clutch, also from the Slope Flea Market; gray satin ribbon around waist; the Great Zara Shoes.

Middle, Saturday's running about town/soccer watching outfit: Dress from beloved vintage store Hooti Couture in Park Slope; oversized basket tote from shop in Bali (straining under the weight of my camera); chunky wooden bracelet, also from Bali; beloved Reef flipflops.

Right, Sunday's brunch outfit: Tailor-made party dress ordered from Wendy at Ya Shi Tailor Shop, #03066 Ya Show Market in Beijing (Palm Beach-y fabric from the terrific Dong Jia Du fabric market in Shanghai); vintage vinyl clutch from Delaware Goodwill; those Zara shoes again!

Not pictured: Sunday night's t-shirt and gym-shorts–from-11th-grade outfit, which I wore again all day Monday during the recovery from the birthday weekend.


Anonymous said...

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry i'm late to this; yes i am a horrible friend. but geeeez it's john's bday this weekend? and i'm still trying to pull something together. booo. but yay birthdays!

2) all three outfits get a huge thumbs up. so! cute!

3) i tried desperately to find/buy those zara shoes at the sf zara on friday. they look perfect and you said they go with everything; therefore, i want. BUT they are not to be found! now here they are again and my jealousy rages

4) happy birthday again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Hooti Couture mention! (And a very belated happy birthday). This note comes for Melissa Houtte, sister of Alison Houtte, who owns Hooti. She's on a plane at the moment, but I know she'll be thrilled by the mention. And I love all the dresses!

Anonymous said...

I have been to Beijing and my wife had a dress made by Ya Shi Tailor at Ya Show market. We were told to request Wendy.

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