Bag of the Week: Jocasi Parax Moon

Sunday, June 25, 2006

So I decided today that the Margaret Nicole cable-knit clutch (um, $150) from the other week is now officially our very first Bag of the Week recommendation, and that I'll start featuring one highly covetable bag every week until I say otherwise (or, more likely, finally just run out of money). Of course, I'll probably actually be featuring several Bags of the Week, because it's impossible to stop at just one, but at least one great selection is always guaranteed.

So now, Mondays are Bag of the Week day here. Golf claps! And here's this week's pick: Jocasi Parax Moon Small, about $175 through their site [also available in a larger size and in black].

I saw this bag over the weekend at Eclecticism, a funky little boutique at the Meritus Mandarin hotel mall here in Singapore that sells both local and imported brands. The salesgirl was all like, "Jocasi is a totally cool accessories line from London." And I was all like, "oh, I know"… because I read Bunnyshop and she's totally on top of these things.

Still, I wasn't expecting the leather to be so soft, and the buckle accent to look really cool. (At least in person. The photograph really does not do justice.) And! The handle is also adjustable, so you can lengthen it to be long enough to wear across the chest like a cute messenger bag, or shorten it up so it tucks just under your armpit. Versatility = yay.

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