On the second day of Christmas...*

Sunday, December 02, 2012

So, yes, everyone was all "Margiela! H&M!" about two weeks ago, but being a normal human person (who happened to be on a business trip the day the collection debuted), I didn't go wandering into an H&M until this weekend to see if anything was left. And *was* it: I guess the fast fashion crowd isn't as into edgy avant garde as perhaps was hoped, cause almost every piece was fully stocked.

I had my heart set on the puffer coat above — which has the most fantastic funnel collar — but after an internal debate over whether it made me look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (not sure; also not sure that I care because it's pretty amazing), I settled on the horizontal dress (below, but in black). It looks like you're wearing a dress sideways, and it. Is. Awesome.

I'd bet things start going on sale as it gets closer to Christmas, so the marshmallow coat may still be mine...

*enough with this "true love" stuff, I'll just get it for myself...

On the first day of Christmas, I wish my true love* gave to me...

... some instantly covetable fashion items. Heavily featuring bows, naturally:

+Coach's legacy duffle in brilliant fuschia
+Target/Band of Outsiders adorable "Best Friends" ski hats
+J.Crew's giant bow sweater (drooool...)
+Kate Spade's abstract bow belt
+Madewell's Frankie pump in glitter

*Hmmm, it would probably help if I had a true love to be gifting these things, but. Oh, well.

Oh, and, did I mention?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I got pups! Here are my little rescue babes, Bandit and Izzy.

Rest assured, they have extensive tiny dog wardrobes already. Sort of like having little dolls around to dress up. Little dolls that pee and poo ... a LOT. Still: ♥ ♥ ♥.

Home Inspiration: Hatch-Meets-Hamptons

Friend (at least in the Facebook sense — uh, "friend"?) and Hatch Collection founder Ariane Goldman had her Hamptons home featured in a recent Lonny magazine and I just love it. I've been putting a lot of work into my own apartment lately (problem: it's really just too small to be "worked" on, hence the result is just a lot of extra stuff) but I'm refreshed by her simple, airy aesthetic.

As for Hatch? It's designed as maternity wear but works equally well for the non-pregnant. Their floaty, drapey Soiree dress is easily one of the prettiest pieces I own. I basically HAD to have it after seeing this photo. No idea how she got it to work as a skirt, but basically, it was love at first sight (of drape).

Also: hi!

October 2012 Allure. Page 120. That's me!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

If anything was deserving of a much-delayed blog post, 'twould be this: I'm featured in the October 2012 issue of Allure magazine (with Blake Lively, aka Mrs. Ryan Reynolds on the cover) as part of a "real people" fashion shoot. We all had to style our own outfit based around the same super-full, retro-ish Donna Karan skirt — which I already have about 30 versions of in my closet, thankfully. So basically, the problem wasn't what to wear, it was deciding on a final look. (I brought about 17 options to the shoot, and still ended up being photographed in what I wore there.)

It's always hard to see a photo of yourself (especially in full-page form!) and not critique it to the nth degree, but I'm totally happy with how this turned out. Good stuff! Thanks to the gals at Allure for including me and making it fun.

Not dead. Just. Incredibly. Busy!

Friday, July 06, 2012

So, I never meant for my moving-to-NYC post to be the start of radio silence. (Just the opposite! I thought NYC would mean the resurgence of the blog! However!) But moving to a new city, starting a new job, making new friends (and catching up with old ones), getting settled... you know how it goes. I'm feeling quite guilty about abandoning this poor site lately.

Likely, it's only mom who's reading this now (hi mom!) but let me say that things in NYC are going swimmingly. Especially fashion-wise. Because have I mentioned that I work in Soho? With hundreds of shops literally at my (work) doorstep? For a fashion lover, it is overwhelming. It is also dangerous on ye olde wallet.

So what's got my attention these days? Well let's see (clockwise from top left):

1. Basically, obsessed with cream boucle jackets. Zara has some amazing ones right now. (Uh, I may have bought more than one.) I heart this one in particular. Goes with everything!

2. Country Living magazine. It's completely filling the void Domino left in my life (plus, given me about 100 ideas for the new apartment). I loved this bedroom makeover.

3. I love unusual statement jewelry, and just got this Metropolitan Whistle to wear as a necklace.

4. Target has the best pillows. (And also stationery.) But especially pillows! Mustache and monocle for $10? On my couch. (I also admit to purchasing the pink and gray Sombrero Dog Pillow. Because, obvs, I didn't have one.)

And there you have it. I'm back! I've missed you.

New York, New York, it's a hell of a town...

Friday, March 09, 2012

Well, hello! Sorry to be so quiet lately. I was a little busy with this whole "move to New York in two weeks" thing. But one stuck moving truck, one new couch, two traumatized cats and about seven bottles of wine later (for relaxation purposes, of course), I'm feeling settled in the new apartment, at the new job, and in my new (old) city. It's good to be back.

Valentine's Day! (For those of you who celebrate it...)

Friday, February 10, 2012

So, we're all like "Valentine's Day bah humbug," but that doesn't mean you have to be. Our pick for a great gift (hint, hint) is H.Bloom's Simon Doonan bouquet, complete with vase by Simon's hubby Jonathan Adler and Simon's fab new book. We had the chance to meet them both last week here in D.C. and they are just the cutest. (Plus, Jonathan and I went to the same high school... We bonded over Delaware stories.)

Here are Jonathan and Simon, being sweet and fabulous... It is hard to be bah-humbuggy around them...

Vintage! Getcher vintage!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

As promised, D.C. folks: In my move to NYC (next Friday!), I am purging my wardrobe of some fabulous vintage finds, so I can actually fit myself into my tiny Manhattan apartment.
What's sad for me is great for you:
First, this Saturday 2/11, at Cork Market (1803 14th St. NW) we'll be holding a Butler & Claypool vintage pop-up shop from 11am-5pm. It will be BANANAS. Come by, say goodbye, and shop your little vintage-loving heart out.
Then, just in case you can't make that, we (Spinach Vintage) will be popping up again at Mimilah (above Miss Pixie's) the following Thursday, 2/16, from 5-8pm. There will be wine and stuff, plus some very choice vintage items that I'm saving just for that night. 
Share the news! Hope to see you Saturday (or Thursday!)...

Sh*t People Moving to NYC Say

Monday, February 06, 2012

"I'm paying twice as much for half the space!"

 "I'm so frustrated, I'm considering Midtown East."

 "This is really considered a bedroom?"

 "Maybe I don't actually NEED a kitchen."

"This is the best city in the whole wide world, and I can't wait to live here."

All of these things have come out of my mouth this weekend, because — in case you missed it on the Twitter — I'm moving! To New York! In less than two weeks! (Hopefully, if all new apartment matters/moving issues are resolved quickly...) I am excited for the jolt of inspiration it will give the blog, and I'm excited to go back to one of my very favorite places in the world.

For you D.C. folks, there will be a massive blow-out Butler + Claypool vintage sale this coming weekend (Feb. 11-12) as I work to cull my wardrobe to fit into a tiny Manhattan apartment. You DON'T want to miss this.

For the rest of you, stay tuned! Exciting adventures and new fashion inspirations are on the immediate horizon. We are so excited!

Michelle Williams + Red Carpets = Perfection

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Though I love my pre-awards show red carpet as much as the next fashion girl (Brad! Ange! Eeee!), I'm completely bored of the strapless bodice-mermaid hemline thing that so many stars insist on. (People: Repeat after me. Strapless necklines are just not your friend, not even if you're teensy and toned.)

Which is why Michelle Williams always seems like a breath of fresh air. Not only is she intimidatingly well-spoken, her fashion choices are unique, stylish and elegant. And the pixie cut! We applaud her chutzpah in modern-day Hollywood, when everyone else is rocking the perfectly tousled bedhead thing. We'll be sad when awards season is over, if only because we won't get to see Michelle in a flurry of perfect dresses. (But until then: The Oscars are a-coming! We can't wait.)

I so have to Tweet this now. {Also: Bangs!}

Rachel Rachel Roy + Me = A Poorer Me

Monday, January 23, 2012

Possibly my favorite dress is an amazing Rachel Roy confection purchased at a consignment store for too much to say because my mom reads this at a great discount. But I love her Rachel Rachel Roy line for Macy's too, and have a few pieces from there that I just adore. (I just bought this dress. Eagerly awaiting arrival!)

The Rachel Rachel Roy bag line for Spring 2012 is my new obsession, with about seven pieces I'd happily own. (Coral pinks! Hurrah.) A few of my favorites are above. (I've bought the blue one — it hasn't arrived yet — but am thinking I reallyreally NEED the coral pink shoulder bag.) Thoughts?

Clockwise from top left:
small shoulder bag, $79;
medium shoulder bag in blue, $89;
small cross-body bag, $59;
striped frame clutch, $59.

The Post Where We Give Away TULLE. {eeeee!}

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm new to women's site Shabby Apple, but they've got a retro-inspired women's dress section that is To. Die. For.

When they offered me the chance to receive and style up one of their pieces, I immediately picked the tulle knee-length skirt in white (and then bought in myself in black as well). If you've read this blog for awhile, then you know how crazy I am for tulle. (Like, insanely crazy. I never met something in tulle that I didn't like.)

It's the perfect party skirt — poufy and pretty and fun. I paired mine with a drapey sweater and sky-high chartreuse heels, but there are plenty of combinations I can think of (sparkly sleeveless top! black turtleneck!) that would look perfectly Jackie O.-chic. And at $62, not bad indeed (plus, the site is offering 20% off right now with the code NEWYEAR).

Oh, but that's not all! One lucky reader will win their very own tulle skirt. Simply "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook, where you'll get first notice of giveaways and discounts. (And while you're at it, like Fashion is Spinach on Facebook too, whydontcha?) Then, leave your name and city/state in the comments, along with what pieces you'd wear this skirt with (or, if you prefer, where you'd wear it to). U.S. only, please. We'll pick the winner next Wednesday, 1/25/12.

Let the contest begin! Our winner: Hanna from Evanston! Hanna, send me a note with the subject "WINNER!" and we'll get this out to you.

PS) Thanks to our friend and style mentor Johanna Cox for the pictures. And for insisting on the red lip. And, while we're at it, for making me buy these awesome shoes at Zara last summer, too.

"The Artist" {Silent swoon}

Every once in awhile, this blog — and this blogger — goes somewhat through a crisis of conscious. Where should this blog go? What should it focus on? What should I focus on? And we sit back and watch the world and stop blogging and get inspired again and carry on.

Thank goodness for "The Artist", among the favorites to win this year's Oscar, to force us out of our reverie and get us excited again. A black-and-white silent film isn't for everyone in the modern day, but it was wonderful. Especially the costumes. As my mom said, "Well, she can wear a hat just about better than anyone, can't she?"

Enjoy the pics — but, better yet, enjoy the movie. We'll be back soon, we promise. Probably in a flapper dress.