Further Proof that John Krasinski and I are Soulmates...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mere weeks after I purchase J.Crew's navy tux jacket (down to about $65, with all the extra discounts they've been offering), John sports a smashing navy tuxedo on the red carpet for the Golden Globes (LOVED it, btw, and not just 'cause it's on John. Well, maybe a little.) Coincidence? I think not.

Excuse me while I go photoshop my face on Emily Blunt's head now...

New Year's Resolution 1: Participate in Flash Mob

Ideally a dancing, lip-synching, Glee-related flash mob. (Oh, yes, it WILL happen...)

PS) I would also not object to the "in Rome" part.

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1995...

I'm not dead! I'm just busy! I'm in the process of moving to my adorable new place (by "in the process," I mean, "moved approximately three small boxes so far, one of which contained the corkscrew, which was a total Moving Fail.") But! I should be snug as a bug in the new apartment in one week's time, when the blogging will resume wholeheartedly. Or at least semi-heartedly.

In the meantime, I am still writing my weekly fash/pop culture column for The Washington Post Express. Please feel free to join the rabid J.Lo bodysuit supporters over there, should you miss me.

But! For now, I present: My outfit for New Year's Eve 2010. (Er, three weeks late. But who's counting? Except me?) This year, I decided to repurpose my High School Senior Prom Dress, a whole (cough) 14 and a half years since it was first worn. Nope, not kidding. (In fact, did a story a few months back on '90s fashions returning — spotlighting, yep, my blue sequin prom dress — which prompted me to pull it out one more time for NYE. Pairing it not with silver Payless sandals this time around, but with a tux jacket, black leggings, platform heels and a much better haircut.)

That's it above. And here it is in focus below, in the bathroom of a lovely H Street establishment. Please feel free to ignore the toilet paper dispenser.

Hello from Under a Pile of Stuff

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm being especially quiet right now because I'm cleaning. And not just cleaning up -- I'm cleaning out. I'm prepping to move from my nice, large (and yet still quite cluttered) apartment to one that's maaaaybe a third of its size... which means it's finally time to assess my possessions, weed out what I don't actually need (um, 11 headbands, for starters) and start fresh with less. It has not, shall we say, been very fun -- going through every box, debating every book, trying to decode which packet of cords goes with which gadget. And I haven't even started on the closet yet. I predict serious separation anxiety ahead. Wish me luck.

So bear with me, and stay tuned for some exciting purging-related news (such as: it looks like there's going to be a Spinach Vintage pop-up shop very soon!).

Also: I was looking for some Martha Stewart-esque organizational pictures for this post when I stumbled upon the photo above. I couldn't resist.

{PS) I almost forgot! You can catch a look into my closet and read some of my very rambly thoughts on fashion over at my BYT profile for the Best Dressed List: DC. Also, be sure to check out interviews with some of the other winners and/or nominate anyone you thought got left off the list for the People's Choice category. OK, back to work...

Just Your Basic, Wear-Anywear, Felt-Studded Neckpiece

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Well, helllllo! Happy New Year! I hope you had as good a holiday break as we did; there was lots of napping, reading, laughing, cat snuggling and road-tripping. Also a lot of organizing, as we're due to move into a much smaller apartment in about a month (er... as soon as we *find* an apartment. Recommendations for affordable studios in the Logan Circle area very much appreciated!)

As a result, we're working on paring down our closet and purging things we don't need/wear anymore. Annnnd also trying to limit ourselves to buying only the *bare fashion necessities*. Which I'm thinking probably includes giia's amazing felt "stone" shoulder collar, $138, above. (No?) There are six color sets to choose from, but I think I'm feeling the pink option. Really, it's a serious necessity. Just think how it will perk up all my plain T-shirts!

In related news, I am still waiting patiently to get my hands on YSL's exaggerated Peter Pan collar...