Monday, June 05, 2006

Bank Account Blues: Flax art & design

And thus begins my ongoing series on why my bank account is as anemic as it is. I was (somewhat) recently in San Francisco, and begged to be taken to Flax art & design. I had never been to Flax art & design before, but the front of the store, on Market Street, is covered with giant pencils and cloud painting and other large things and claims, quite authoritatively, to be Where Creative People Shop. Well, if creative people shop there, then I wanted to shop there too. And so I did. And it was fun!

Now I'm forced to appease my Flax love through the online store and the very cool, very inspiring catalog (sign up now!), which isn't quite the same. But recent great Flax finds: The very cool eggshell blue and red Cavallini file folders, which I use constantly (I also sort of covet the Coral ones); vintage-inspired mailing labels (now on super sale!); and cherry-print notecards from the adorable Carrot & Stick Press (who are just getting all kinds of media love these days). All perfectly justifiable reasons for spending money, no?

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