I don't know how you people do it…

Sunday, June 11, 2006

One of the reasons that this blog hasn't moved into the big time – i.e., I haven't told anyone about it – is that I'm just not sure if I can keep it up. (The other main reason is that I am still unable to figure out all the technological quirks that continue to plague it – like why it will suddenly drop offline for four hours, and why pictures don't appear in the permalink, and other computer-y things that people like me aren't equipped to deal with. There is nothing so humbling as not being able to figure out blogger.)

But really, it can be rather time-consuming to poke around for the coolest stuff and crop appropriate pictures and write something witty and put it all together in a nice little fashion-is-spinach package, without any embarrassing typos and such. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying myself here – but I am also wondering how everyone else seems to get real work done in addition to the blogging. I'm continually impressed by the vast number of excellent design and fashion blogs out there that always seem to have the coolest, most unique stuff every single day. If you haven't checked out the blogroll yet, decor8 and oh joy! are among my current must-clicks. I'm also adding in a bunch of recently discovered blogs like Coquette and Just My Cup of Tea (whose blogroll alone is intense) and the recently launched (but worth a mention due to the picture alone) design boner. These people make it look so easy, and I secretly hate them for it.

Did I say hate? I meant admire! Admire!

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Cardboard said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! Took me awhile to find it but I'm still getting used to this whole blogger world myself. I'll also admit that I was a little nervous to google "design boner." Your site is looking great though and I think I might have to keep checking in on you. As for posting every single day...? That's for sissies.