All our Vintage Best Wishes for the New Year

Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, that was some year, huh? Not a particularly good one from a blogging perspective -- and, at least early on, from a life perspective -- but it worked out very well, except for the blogging part. And so! 2011! I'm anticipating great things.

Thanks to all for your patience and support as we sorted out lives and wardrobes, resettled ourselves in new apartments and new jobs, and made D.C. a real home (with a regular nod to Houston and New Orleans).

We hope to be back better than ever in January. Or, at least, back. Or, perhaps, continuing this little break. Only the New Year knows, but thanks for sticking with us.

ms spinach

PS) And a happy vintagey new year to all! {Courtesy of Mrs. Obama in a vintage Normal Norell dress! Full-skirted tulle! We die.}

Please Bear With Us and Our Inability to Perform Basic Computer Fixes

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For reasons beyond my technology expertise, this blog is somehow falling apart. (Where did all the pictures go? I have no idea!) The big guns -- aka my tech team, aka my younger, smarter brother -- have been called in for a Thanksgiving overhaul, which we hope will solve everything.

Until then, we've been trying to get in the habit of posting fun, fashiony things on our Fashion is Spinach Facebook page: Please feel free to "like" us. It will cause much happiness over here.

OK, back to banging head against computer.

PS) This picture of baby penguins has no real meaning, other than I thought you might like a picture of baby penguins. Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sorry for the delay. We were dealing with a work trip, a pesky cold and, oh howabout, a large fire in our apartment building. (Getcher renter's insurance, everyone! As it is, the FiS wardrobe archive made it through unscathed. Phew.)

And so, on to our winner for the delightfully pink Grohe showerhead! It is... {by random number generator} Charissa from Singapore! Congrats, Charissa. Send me an e-mail and we'll get it out to you.

Also, I'm obsessed with this very pink picture, found via an older post on Red.House. Love.

Giveaway! Grohe Rainshower Icon (Plus: It's Pink!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love when I get to work with great design companies; Grohe (pronounced kinda like "Growee", at least here in the U.S.) is an amazing bathroom fixture company who makes state-of-the-art, well-designed products. (Side note: I recently went to stay in the new Margaritaville Hotel in Pensacola Beach, FL, and they had Grohe fixtures. I must've taken 12 showers in three days, they're that good. I was much less psyched about hearing "Margaritaville" eleventy-hundred times during my stay.)

In any case, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Grohe is donating $25 from every sale of the Ladylux3 Cafe or Plus Faucets to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and purchases of their pink Icon hand shower (above, below) kick in an extra $10 as well.

To help spread awareness of October as breast cancer awareness month, we're giving away one Rainshower Icon hand shower, color pink (of course). Just leave your name (and, if your name is something like Jennifer, a city/state so we don't get winners confused) in the comments to win this for your about-to-be-awesome bathroom. This is open to everyone, everywhere. Good luck!

PS) More giveaways coming this week!

Seeing a Pattern Here...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I know I can't be the only one out there completely obsessed with vintage sewing patterns. (If only I could sew well enough to make them real!).  Bluette Court on has a great selection of gorgeous patterns for sale. I almost want to buy them just to frame the fashion illustrations on the packaging. Poufy skirts galore! Love.

This Wednesday = Pretty Dress Day (With Yours Truly)

Monday, October 04, 2010

DC-ers! This Wednesday, Oct. 6, I'm playing host to a Shoshanna trunk show at Urban Chic Bethesda, part of Bethesda Boutique Week, which has awesome events and fun bloggers hanging out every night through Saturday.

The full fall collection of Shoshanna's pretty draped dresses (love the knots), pleated pieces and going-out-wear will be at Urban Chic all day on Wednesday (and at 15% off!), and I'll be there after work from about 6-8. Probably trying on the dress below right. I'm a sucker for origami folds.

And so, in conclusion: Champagne, pretty dresses, fall fashion. 15% off. Wednesday evening at Urban Chic Bethesda. Hope to see you then!

Fall Must-Haves: The Pleated Pant

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And, more specifically, American Apparel's high-waist pleated pant with a nicely tapered leg. Don't shudder! I first spotted them on my friend Holly (in the khaki form -- very Annie Hall) and eventually decided I needed a gray wool pair for myself. Which I love and expect to wear 20 billion times through the winter.

A Tribute: Isabella Blow

Friday, September 10, 2010

I once had the chance to meet the legendary fashion editor Isabella Blow at India Fashion Week five or six years ago. She was quite sad and depressed at that point — and very open about discussing it — but also extremely kind and friendly. I remember walking behind her to a show, and helping her fix a button on the back of her dress that had come undone. She was very grateful about it, and from that point on, made a point to smile at me whenever we saw each other across the runway.

On Monday, a new homage to the late, great editor comes out in book form. The team over at Thames & Hudson were nice enough to send along some snippets. It is hard not to love fashion without also loving Isabella and her daring, unconventional, creative wardrobe choices. Truly an original who is very very missed.

Cutest. Shoes. Ever! (And how to get them)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

While killing time in Houston this week, I ended up in Dillard's and my feet ended up in the cutest shoes ever — the Hughs pump by Gianni Bini. Seriously, people just come out of the woodwork to compliment these shoes -- at work, in restaurants, in the mall. And only $90! Consider yourselves tipped off.

{Also, psst: Through today, the coupon code FRIEND25 gets you 25% off at Yes, we're having a shoe-riffic week over in these parts.}

{PS I know the images on the site have been acting wonky if you're using certain Firefox browsers. My tech team -- aka my brother -- will be contacted immediately for consultation on the problem.}

In Appreciation of Longer Skirts

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorry, summer. With your humidity that makes my hair look like a big frizzy puffball, and your sweat-inducing temperatures, I'm ready for fall. And I am SO ready for full, mid-calf skirts, a la the Louis Vuitton (above, just below) and Marc Jacobs (far below) fall collections. Thrifters, take note: I've been scouring for '50s and '80s versions out there, and there are definitely some good finds to be had.

Washingtonian Style Setters: A Little Peek

The September issue of Washingtonian magazine is out, and — as mentioned — I'm included in a photo shoot of D.C.'s "Style Setters." They included pix of me in the feature (above) and also on the Table of Contents (below). In related news, I'm tempted to offer up my firstborn for the Lanvin dress I'm wearing.

My lovely friend Kristin was on this year's list as well, looking fabulously glam (below). We are a two-woman force to bring back the bob, big-time.

Extra, Extra

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was super-flattered to be named to Washingtonian magazine's best-dressed list, "Style Setters," this year. The September issue is hitting newsstands this week — oh! the anticipation! — with a fabulously fun shoot done at various spots inside D.C.'s W hotel. The behind-the-scenes video, above, captures some of the fun (plus: me in a truly spectacular Lanvin dress!). I promise to post the pictures as soon as I get my hands on them...

Look Who's Baaaa-aaaaack!

Monday, August 23, 2010

So. Hey. August! (Er. Mid-August!) It has been a crazy summer — one of frequent travel, and life changes, and somewhat boring fashion, as has been somewhat required by the travel and life changes. Also, it appears I morphed into Worst. Blogger. Ever! (probably due to a lack of inspiration, no thanks to the boring fashion. Seriously, I recently bought both a pair of khakis and a backpack. Shoot me now.)

But it's also been a time of fun — pool parties, hamburgers, some decent thrifting in Houston, where I spend a lot of time lately — and I have to admit, there's been a liiiiittle shopping. Without more excuses, here's been on my must-have list these past few months.

Tom's Shoes. I am a late convert, I know. But these shoes are *amazing*. Comfortable, simple, plus every pair you buy donates a second pair to a needy kid. Sorry, poorly shod commuters, but you have no excuse to commute in flip-flops anymore.

Vintage Victor Costa. Vintage hunters are always a little hesitant to give up their favorite resources, but this is a must-share. I'm absolutely obsessed with vintage Victor Costa cocktail dresses, which I keep uncovering at thrift stores (and occasionally on eBay — like the one I just bought below). Super-glam, undeniably dramatic, and yet classically simply. Pouf skirts galore, and the occasional bow! Sold.

Alexander Wang's Darcy hobo bag. I die.

D.C. designer Kristi Love. I love when I discover a new (to me) local talent; supporting small designers who make amazing stuff just feels so much more fun than going to the mall. D.C.'s artsy-hip leaders, The Pink Line Project, just sponsored a pop-up shop called the Temporium, where I found an area designer I'd not met before. I'm hooked — and I maaaay have just ordered the jumper below (I tried on the sample at Temporium, below: perfection!).

Well-fitting men's shirts. I don't touch on men's fashion nearly enough, so here's a bone for you guys out there. Temporium also housed another local favorite — innovative men's shirtmaker Hugh & Crye. I don't think I'll rest until I get all my guy friends into one (or five) of their styles. From the slimmer fits, to the cool collars (cutaway! spread! ones with actual style!), to their innovative community service campaigns, they're absolutely one of my favorite finds.

On the Road Again...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey, remember me? Your 2010 leading candidate for Worst Blogger Ever? Suffice it to say, these last few weeks have been something of a crazy time in Spinachland. (A crazy, mostly good time, but -- I offer as example -- because of some very intense projects I've been working on, the day of my last post, May 23, was my last day off until this weekend. That is 25 days straight of 14-hour days. I'm tired just thinking about it.) Some day, we'll have a beer and I'll tell you all about it.

In the meantime! My goal is to be less of a delinquent blogger, starting now. Truthfully, this is always one of my least favorite times of year to write about fashion -- the stores have pretty much the dregs of spring sale stuff, plus some pre-fall stuff, but who wants to think about sweaters when it's 90 degrees out? But here's a few things of note lately:

-- The adorable Jamie of The Beauty of Life blog did a fun q&a with me in which I had to name my favorite beauty and fash stuff (for example: Benefit Erase Paste = life-changing in the quest to hide undereye circles).

-- It was my birthday yesterday! I thought maybe I'd get some fancy shoes, but -- thanks to the aforementioned June shopping issues, which I face every year -- I opted to get myself an iPad instead. (Happy birthday to meeee.) The gals took me out for ridiculous country line dancing escapades, which was beyond awesomely fun, and not just 'cause I got to wear cute cowboy boots.

-- I have been working a lot in Houston lately, which is not overwhelmingly exciting, except for Neiman Marcus. Going to Neiman Marcus in Texas is like going to Prada in Italy. On the home turf, everything is bigger and fancier and better stocked. (And incidentally, if anyone has any Houston shopping/dining/etc tips, I'd love them. I'm ready to move on from the Galleria -- aka Biggest. Mall. Ever! -- and would love to check out new spots.)

--No, I could not resist a cowboy picture.

--OK, more soon. The iPad beckons, as does the new fall/winter issue of Vogue Collections. Whee.

Beyond Awesome DIY Project

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I cannot wait to try out PS I Made This' easy-DIY steps for neutral wrap heels. Made with nude pantyhose! Never did I think I would ever endorse anything that incorporated nude pantyhose, but I stand very corrected.

PS) Just saw the comment about my photos not appearing in Firefox. I suspect it has something to do with my recent Blogger-mandated move to their servers. Grrrrr. I'll get my tech team (aka my younger brother) on it and see what we can do. Thanks!


I've always had a thing for those Scandinavian wire frame lamps* that pop up on the home design blogs from time to time (like the Emperors Lamp, above left). So it's probably no surprise that it was lust at first sight for Alexis Bittar's pink open frame cuff. Via NY Mag's awesome fash blog The Cut.

*Somewhere on the internets, there is a photo of a yellow version of a similar lamp. I've spent four days looking for it, and I give up. But enlighten me if you know where to find it.

D.C. Scene: Oscar de la Renta, Cameron Silver, Harry Connick, Jr., oh my!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey kids! Thanks for your patience/style support as I settle in to ze new job. (It's going very well, thank you, but I still have lots to learn!) As part of my transition, I wanted to debut a semi-regular (as in, as often as I can) new section.

Now that I'm not writing professionally about all the things I'm doing (and wearing) around D.C., I thought I'd start sharing it here. It'll mostly be a round-up of news, pix and other D.C.-specific stuff, plus some calendar highlights for the future, in case you like to start planning outfits early. (And for those of you not in D.C., you may feel free to skip these sections. It will not hurt my feelings, though I'm going to try to make them interesting for you as well. Like: Outfit shots!)

Which brings us to: Recent highlights! D.C. has been absolutely crazy lately; I've never been so busy. First of all, Oscar de la Renta came (above) and staged a fashion show of his fall collection at Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase. It. Was. Outstanding. (It was also my *very first* Oscar show, as I've never been able to score a ticket during fashion week.)

Here we have Oscar's limo outside the Mazza Gallerie. Which, I assume, whisked him off to his private plane. Because Oscar only travels private, of course.

The day before, DecadesTwo owner and vintage lover extraordinaire Cameron Silver set up a super-secret one-day-only pop-up shop at Hu's in Georgetown. There was a mix of vintage Chanel, YSL, Judith Leiber and more.

My heart fell in love with this 1980s Mark Beall dress below. But, at $1400, my bank account did not. I left it behind for another vintage lover. Sniffle.

And then! I got to join my friend Daniel at the gala for National Building Museum's Honor Award, which was given to an impressive roster of architecture and building innovators, including (swoon) Harry Connick Jr. (below, left), who helped create a new musicians' community in New Orleans following Katrina.

Let us just say that Harry is aging verrrry nicely. And also that we managed to, rather surreally, corral him into a lengthy chat about raising chickens (thank goodness we could reference Making It Lovely's recent post on cool chicken coops. Which I'm not sure Harry really appreciated, but oh well).

I also hit up the soft opening for the retro-rific Ted's Bulletin resto/bar on Barrack's Row in Capitol Hill, which serves up great comfort food and cocktails. And has amazing decor (mostly salvaged from the old Philadelphia Convention Center), right down to the colorful cake stands in the bakery section.

Obviously, I'm not very good at this recap stuff yet. Because there was so much more that I forgot to photograph! Like my dress from the gala! (Vintage, poufy.) And my fall fash trends talk for Fashion Group International's DC chapter at Tysons Galleria. And the rooftop soiree at the eco-chic WestEnd25. Next time.

So here's where you'll find me next:
+ Bethesda Row's The Front Row all this weekend (in particular, the Friday night fashion show, where we all get to rub elbows with Project Runway alum Laura Bennett and Tinsley Mortimer. Think I can get the full scoop on Devorah Rose?)

+ If I can fit it in, the Rachel Roy meet-n-greet at Tysons Galleria this Saturday, 5/22. She's one of my favorites.

+ On a much-anticipated thrifting spree with Project Beltway and Ms Holly. Value Village, here we come!

Our SATC2 Winners!

With the help of the Random Number Generator, we have our five winners to join us at the SATC2 pre-screening next Tuesday, May 25, at Mazza Gallerie.

And they are...
Allison G.!
Onyx Feather!
Andrea! [who may or may not be in Boston...?]
Heather S!

I'm going to contact each of you (although, Allison G., Andrea and Heather S, if you could contact me via e-mail {at left} or by leaving a comment) with the details and to make sure you can make it. Thanks to everyone who entered! I wish I could bring you all and have a big, fun Spinachy party.

Thanks again to HP for the tix. I know we'll all be looking to spot their slick little laptops in the film. Yay!

Yes! Please!: Carey Mulligan's Azzaro dress

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I doubt I need to tell you the amount of squee-ing that occurred after spotting Carey Mulligan's custom Azzaro gown at Cannes this week. Big bows! Peter Pan collars! Retro perfection! I die.

FW: At a store (or web browser!) near you

My final issue of FW was released last week; if you'd like to get your hands on it, pick it up on these local stores or see the PDF over here. We shot the cover shoot down at National Harbor, and I love the hip-nautical theme (if I do say so myself)... It's a nice note to leave on.

Last Call for SATC Screening Tix!

Thanks for being patient while I got the final details on the HP-sponsored SATC advance screening, which will officially be happening on (drum rolllllll...):

Tuesday, May 25, 7:30pm
at AMC Mazza Gallerie in Friendship Heights
(with optional pre-screening cocktails with me and the other ticket winners!)

I'll be making the random lucky drawing on Monday night, 5/17, at about 10pm, so if you haven't signed up to be entered yet, do so right now RIGHT HERE. Again, many thanks to the cool kids at HP for providing the advance screening tickets.

All entered? Stay tuned for the winner announcement! And good luck!

Phew. And yay! And brides!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I've spent the last week running around, wrapping things up at Express/FW. My last shoot, my goodbye ice cream cake, my goodbye margarita-fest (because why have one going-away party when you can have two?), lugging home all my various fashion paraphernalia, cleaning out my cluttered desk. It's always a little sad to leave great friends, but I'm so. incredibly. excited! about the next step.

My last photo shoot for Express was on wedding style (above and below). I'm not much of the big-wedding-frothy-gown-type, but I do love the idea of a pop of color playing off a classic white dress (and yes, that's EmersonMade's big coral rose, below right. It's so exquisitely crafted, it justifies the price.) The full story is here.

Plus! The new FW comes out Wednesday! And in the meantime, I'm plotting some posts on ramping up the work wardrobe. And, um, taking some time to actually ramp up the work wardrobe. It's "research!"