Spreading the Love

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If I could steal a store and make it my own, it would be Cog & Pearl in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is full of so many beautiful things that my bank account has a heart attack every time I'm within ten blocks of it. Their website now promises that an online store is coming in September. (!!) Which is not quite soon enough for me, but does provide a little time to stockpile some money.

If I could be any fashion blog in the world (besides this one, of course), it would be fashionologie, whose little bio is so cute that if I were five, I would totally ask her to be my friend and share a cookie.

And! If I could have any shoes right now, it would be the intriguing-looking LD Tuttle Trix sandal (on sale for $210). Or maybe the Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit canvas boot, which is $360 (why, Easy Spirit, why?) but looks like it could go with anything, anywhere, in nearly any temperature.

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