In Trouble Already

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ah, now we remember why it might be better for us to be too busy to surf the web. Five minutes in and we're desperately coveting this gray mini-jacket from Fred Flare, $48. Never mind that we have probably already over-embraced the little cropped jacket thing. It's so cute! [As seen on Coquette, who we hold fully responsible for chipping away at our non-shopping willpower.]

Back to Basics

Oh, blogosphere, we know we have been neglecting you lately and really, we have missed you so. So much so that we have recently made the decision to wrap up the new job and return to our former, fashion-obsessing ways. Hurrah! At the very least, we are looking forward to having actual weekends again and watching our Netflix movies within a reasonable timeframe of receiving them. Which reminds us: the 60s mod showcase Darling has been sitting next to the TV for about three weeks now. Spending the rest of the afternoon enjoying kittens and cute shift dresses seems like the perfect way to re-embrace the world of self-employment.

But first! Can we just talk about how fantastic Reese Witherspoon looked at the Oscars? Amidst all the brouhaha of Jennifer Hudson's poufy python bolero and Cameron Diaz's scary orangeness (there seems to be a spray tan mishap every year, doesn't there?), Reese really stood out for being completely classic and chic. If we were the type of people who could say things like "you go, girl" without sounding really stupid, now is definitely the time when we'd be saying it.

To Shop or Not to Shop: That is the Question

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lately I have been making a very concerted effort Not to Shop Too Much. It has been a difficult transition (and it did not help that the fabulous – and always amazingly stylish - Miss Leighann was in town for one whirlwind afternoon of shopping a few weeks ago, and I had to do my best to just sit back and watch her scoop up lots of cute things. Okay, I did break down and buy a pair of really fantastic shoes during our shop-a-thon. But. Only one pair!) Still, sometimes it's important to recognize that future financial happiness is ultimately more important than a new slim-cut vest from Topshop. (Oh, but so cute.)

Anyhoo. I was doing really well, sticking to a budget and all, until the past week. When I purchased:

One pair of skinny jeans from Gap, left. (Now, I do have sizing issues with the Gap, being that I own four pairs of their jeans in three different sizes, making me seriously doubt their quality control efforts. Still, despite the tag discrepancy, all the pairs fit remarkably well.) The new pair is still en route, but if they fit anywhere near as well as my other pair of Gap skinnies, I'm going to be pretty darn excited.

One Compass Jacket from Anthropologie, right. I have been stalking this jacket since, oh, October. The price just dropped again yesterday, and I finally pounced. Unfortunately, they were out of my size, but I got the next closest thing and fingers are crossed.

One apple container from the MOMA store. Okay, this was a slightly frivolous purchase. But look how cute!

I am thinking of burying my credit card in the backyard to prevent me from buying some of the amazing prints books seen on Print & Pattern's book review list this week. Must. Resist. Fantastic. Books. Must… Resist…

Er, incidentally, is anyone going to (or coming from) London anytime soon? Because I really, really, really love this Orla Kiely Yoga Bag (now on sale!) but cannot fathom paying so gosh-darn much in international shipping from the UK. And yes, it's a totally justifiable purchase if will help entice me back to the yoga studio, which I totally think it will. (Really, how could it not?)

Oh! And! We would love to give a belated but very much heartfelt thank you to reader San San, who was kind enough to ask us if we would like copies of the most recent Orla Kiely catalogues. (Seems her husband was just in London and did a bit of present-buying at Orla Kiely while he was there. To which we say: Well done, hubby!) Anyway, much thanks to San San for the gorgeous books. We're now spending our days drooling over images like the one at the top of the post, and this one here:

Serious Beauty Product Endorsement

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whoa, look at me go! I must be making up for lost time or something. It seems like it's about time for installment number two of Beauty Products I Use and Would Actually Recommend to Others (and only eight months after installment number one! Our standards are very high, obviously.)

Anyway, I'm not much of a makeup user, but recently discovered a product that has completely changed my whole beauty routine. It's the Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox, and I have to say, if it was a boy (and not a small bottle), I'd probably marry it. It's just that good. (I started with the clear primer, which was great, but recently switched over to the green-tinted Color Correcting Primer, because I tend to be a bit pink. That one is good too, but slightly smellier.)

Anyway. This stuff is amazing. It's very light (a must for me in the sticky Singapore heat) yet smooths out the skin surface so amazingly that when you dab on any concealer or foundation or (in my case) a very quick swipe of MAC Studio Tech, it goes on perfectly evenly. No more weird powder creases or funny undereye concealer smudges! I seriously cannot gush enough.

Anyway, it's not supercheap, but I suppose that is the price you pay for pretty skin.

Desperately Coveted, part 98 of 663

I'm not usually a big dangly earring kind of girl, but there's something about these fantastic carved wooded earrings from etsy shop orno that are so instantly appealing. A lot of their designs are really simple but completely striking -- I especially love the geometrical shapes (like the one above) and the four circle shape. So. Hard. To. Resist! I may turn into a dangly earring gal yet.

Resurfacing for Air

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hello, my dedicated fashion lovers! I know some of you (hi, mom!) have been a bit concerned about my whereabouts. As you may or may not have guessed, I have had lots of real life-related things going on that have kept me away from the internet. (Luckily, it hums along without me! I mean, have you been to style hive lately? Their most popular products page is quickly becoming one of my first clicks of the day. So. Much. Cool. Stuff!)

I've got loads of good links piling up that I want to share about, but today, I'll just start with one: Which is, have you seen the newest batch of Eleanor Grosch Keds now available? (That's them above.) Her animal prints seem to get more fantastic with each new collection. (I sort of completely covet the frog print. Question: How many animal-print shoes is one allowed to own before becoming a little ridiculous?) I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for the new Nanette Lepore Keds collection that's due any day now. (Did you catch the sneak preview in the Dec./Jan. Teen Vogue? There was a really cute pair with a little bow that I love.)

In any case, I am doing my best to find ways to blog more often, so please just bear with me as I adapt to these big adjustments in my life. Also in my wardrobe. I'd forgotten how terribly hard it is to look cute and presentable on a daily basis. Thank goodness for Gap skinny jeans -- they're an all-around wardrobe energizer.

PS) And thanks to everyone who sent in a note about the assistant position! I always had a suspicion that I had lots and lots of really cool readers, and now I know it's true.

{photo from flickr}