We Are Tempted to Write a Cute Head Using Song Lyrics Referencing the Name Mandy, But Won't

Monday, June 12, 2006

We get terrible TV over here. Seriously, they only show things like The King of Queens or Everybody Loves Raymond or [insert other identical show starring relatively unattractive comedian and hot wife and several dimple-cheeked children], all from about four years ago. Apparently, that is what people in Asia love. We do not love.

Which is why we get a little overexcited whenever a new season comes out on dvd. (This is not the royal we. This includes my partner-in-TV-hating crime/boyfriend, whom we shall call M.) Case in point: The new season of Entourage arrived in the mail Thursday afternoon. By Saturday evening, it had been decimated. Of course, there were only 17 half-hour episodes and it was a slow weekend. But. Still.

You'll be happy to know that it was really good – maybe not as good as season one, but still good – but I also loved it because it prominently featured Mandy Moore, one of my favorite actresses and celebrity style icons, even though she's significantly younger than me. Which is slightly weird, except for the fact that she really always does look very fashionable. And, as M. pointed out, always so very glowy! And, I also appreciate how she seriously dwarfs other, malnourished stars like the Olsens and always looks about 50 times better than them, if occasionally slightly giant-like. See more of Mandy's outfit choices here. I ignore the ones where she's a blonde, because she's a much better brunette, and if I can't tell her that in person, I quietly vote with my mouse clicks.

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