All our Vintage Best Wishes for the New Year

Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, that was some year, huh? Not a particularly good one from a blogging perspective -- and, at least early on, from a life perspective -- but it worked out very well, except for the blogging part. And so! 2011! I'm anticipating great things.

Thanks to all for your patience and support as we sorted out lives and wardrobes, resettled ourselves in new apartments and new jobs, and made D.C. a real home (with a regular nod to Houston and New Orleans).

We hope to be back better than ever in January. Or, at least, back. Or, perhaps, continuing this little break. Only the New Year knows, but thanks for sticking with us.

ms spinach

PS) And a happy vintagey new year to all! {Courtesy of Mrs. Obama in a vintage Normal Norell dress! Full-skirted tulle! We die.}