In Appreciation of Longer Skirts

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorry, summer. With your humidity that makes my hair look like a big frizzy puffball, and your sweat-inducing temperatures, I'm ready for fall. And I am SO ready for full, mid-calf skirts, a la the Louis Vuitton (above, just below) and Marc Jacobs (far below) fall collections. Thrifters, take note: I've been scouring for '50s and '80s versions out there, and there are definitely some good finds to be had.

Washingtonian Style Setters: A Little Peek

The September issue of Washingtonian magazine is out, and — as mentioned — I'm included in a photo shoot of D.C.'s "Style Setters." They included pix of me in the feature (above) and also on the Table of Contents (below). In related news, I'm tempted to offer up my firstborn for the Lanvin dress I'm wearing.

My lovely friend Kristin was on this year's list as well, looking fabulously glam (below). We are a two-woman force to bring back the bob, big-time.

Extra, Extra

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was super-flattered to be named to Washingtonian magazine's best-dressed list, "Style Setters," this year. The September issue is hitting newsstands this week — oh! the anticipation! — with a fabulously fun shoot done at various spots inside D.C.'s W hotel. The behind-the-scenes video, above, captures some of the fun (plus: me in a truly spectacular Lanvin dress!). I promise to post the pictures as soon as I get my hands on them...

Look Who's Baaaa-aaaaack!

Monday, August 23, 2010

So. Hey. August! (Er. Mid-August!) It has been a crazy summer — one of frequent travel, and life changes, and somewhat boring fashion, as has been somewhat required by the travel and life changes. Also, it appears I morphed into Worst. Blogger. Ever! (probably due to a lack of inspiration, no thanks to the boring fashion. Seriously, I recently bought both a pair of khakis and a backpack. Shoot me now.)

But it's also been a time of fun — pool parties, hamburgers, some decent thrifting in Houston, where I spend a lot of time lately — and I have to admit, there's been a liiiiittle shopping. Without more excuses, here's been on my must-have list these past few months.

Tom's Shoes. I am a late convert, I know. But these shoes are *amazing*. Comfortable, simple, plus every pair you buy donates a second pair to a needy kid. Sorry, poorly shod commuters, but you have no excuse to commute in flip-flops anymore.

Vintage Victor Costa. Vintage hunters are always a little hesitant to give up their favorite resources, but this is a must-share. I'm absolutely obsessed with vintage Victor Costa cocktail dresses, which I keep uncovering at thrift stores (and occasionally on eBay — like the one I just bought below). Super-glam, undeniably dramatic, and yet classically simply. Pouf skirts galore, and the occasional bow! Sold.

Alexander Wang's Darcy hobo bag. I die.

D.C. designer Kristi Love. I love when I discover a new (to me) local talent; supporting small designers who make amazing stuff just feels so much more fun than going to the mall. D.C.'s artsy-hip leaders, The Pink Line Project, just sponsored a pop-up shop called the Temporium, where I found an area designer I'd not met before. I'm hooked — and I maaaay have just ordered the jumper below (I tried on the sample at Temporium, below: perfection!).

Well-fitting men's shirts. I don't touch on men's fashion nearly enough, so here's a bone for you guys out there. Temporium also housed another local favorite — innovative men's shirtmaker Hugh & Crye. I don't think I'll rest until I get all my guy friends into one (or five) of their styles. From the slimmer fits, to the cool collars (cutaway! spread! ones with actual style!), to their innovative community service campaigns, they're absolutely one of my favorite finds.