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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Via the amazing Bleubird Vintage blog, which is definitely up there among one of the best blogs ever in my book, this fabulous bouquet of vintage enamel flower pins. Ah-may-zing.

{The aforementioned Commander Robot eats every plant/flower/plastic tree I bring into the house, so I'm using this as inspiration to turn my own collection of vintage pins into a cute, non-edible houseplant. Although, knowing Robot, he'll probably chomp on it anyway.}

My Semi-Annual Outfit Post: Party Edition!

This weekend marked the annual Corcoran Fall Fete, where D.C.'s young (and pretty impressively stylish, we might add) dance the night away amongst the stately marble columns at the gorgeous Corcoran Museum in downtown D.C. We didn't need any arm-twisting to snag tickets this year – anytime we can break out the cocktail-wear is a-ok in our book! – and the party definitely lived up to its hip hype.

But we know you don't want to hear about how we shimmied our stuff to Lady Gaga for a large chunk of the evening. On to the outfit! Earlier in the week, I'd caught the amazing new Textile Museum exhibition on contemporary Japanese fashion, all pieces from the private wardrobe of longtime Issey devotee/Ohioan Mary Baskett. (On a randomly related note, WaPo fashion critic Robin Givhan has a great piece in today's paper on the exhibition and those who dare to wear avant garde Japanese lines.)

Once I saw the exhibit, my outfit choice for the Fall Fete was sewn up. Quite some time ago, I'd uncovered an amazing Yohji Yamamoto asymmetrical cocktail dress at a little consignment shop, and had been waiting for just the right occasion to debut it. I'm not even sure the slightly fuzzy picture below really does it justice: it's comprised of pliable, hoop skirt-esque boning that makes the dress bell out in this incredibly bouncy way. I paired it with a Elsa Peretti bone cuff from Tiffany & Co. — because really, with a dress like that, everything else has to be super-simple — some velvet slingbacks and a black patent vintage clutch. And so, the result:

{update: There's another pic of me on over here.}

In related news, I thought this cocktail hat that I stalked on the dance floor beyond rocked:

Better Than Kids!

Hey, remember that time when my cats finally gave me a reason to justify purchasing as many ridiculous children's toys as I might want? Best. Day. Ever!

Commander Robot, guess what you'll be getting more of for Christmas?

Look Up, Look Up, Wherever You Are

Friday, October 23, 2009

Forgive me for going all history teacher on you, but I have a newfound obsession with rotundas. There's just something unbelievably breathtaking about the inside of the domes — the symmetry, the detailing, the construction, the colors.

Of course, we have an amazing rotunda here at the Capitol Building in D.C. (above), but there are incredible ones all over the world, including many, many U.S. state capitals. (A flickr search confirms it. Plus did you know there is actually a "ceilings" section on Allposters? Amazing.)

Here are just a few that have me thinking round today…

Phew. And yay!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A good chunk of our time lately had gone into planning the FW first anniversary party, with special guest Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, which went off with a bang at Masa 14 on Monday night.

It was beyond awesome (if we do say so ourselves, which we do), and we kept remarking that it felt like our *own* birthday party, what with all the familiar faces, Lady Gaga tunes and general merriment. Our full party report is over here. (In case you're wondering, we wore our very very favorite Anamika Khanna silk trench dress, which is only brought out for the most specialest of occasions.)

And now, if you'll excuse us, we are off to take a very long nap. Pix from the party will go up {Update: Photos are up!} on the FW site today! And we'll be back to our regularly scheduled fashion blogging shortly…

{Photo: Dakota Fine}

Big Bows! (Subtitle: I Fear I'm Becoming Incredibly Predictable)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let us ignore the pink eyeshadow, door-knocker earrings and the fact that this is marketed as a Halloween costume. How badly do I want this oversized bow headband? (Um. So, sooooo badly. Can someone invite me to a bow-centric party so I can justify the $68 price tag?)

If the gals and I hadn't decided to do the '80s-Let's-Get-Physical coordinated dance thing for the Village Halloween parade -- well before we saw this week's Rachel Zoe Project, I might add -- I would so find a way to make this my costume. Even if I just had to go as Girl With Huge Bow on Head. Or Minnie Mouse. Via style redux.

The Sartorialist is Coming! The Sartorialist is Coming!

Monday, October 12, 2009

If you missed my a) posts on the FW blog; b) excited tweets; or c) occasional loud squeals that probably woke the neighbors, you might not know that for months (and months), the FW team has been working on the D.C. book launch party for our favorite street fash blogger, Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist.

We've got one week to go until next Monday's ultra-fashionable event at brand-new, super-chic 14th Street restaurant Masa 14 (which opens its doors today!). But, if you don't have an invite to the cocktail fete (which also serves as a celebration of FW's first anniversary), please come meet Scott afterwards from 9-10pm at Masa 14. (Yes, it's slightly late -- but have dinner in the neighborhood and then pop by!) I'll be there late into the evening, dressed in a) '50s vintage; b) Yohji; c) bright purple or d) '80s vintage. No, I cannot decide.

Also: above, the proper way to rock to the boyfriend jean, courtesy of Scott.

Homemade Saddle Shoes

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Because you know I have been coveting saddle shoes for some time. This DIY version is just. Genius. Excuse me while I go to Payless now.

(Also: Why did no one tell me James has a blog? It is beyond fantastic.)

Rach and Brad (and Rog and the cute hairstylist) Go to Paris

It's my first lazy weekend in a long while, so of course I'm catching up on my Tivo. (The Office wedding? Made me bawl like a baby.) The TV-fest brought back some fond memories: namely, long before Rachel Zoe got to run around Coco Chanel's private apartment like a kid in a candy store, we (and a host of other fun bloggers) had that exact same pleasure.

31 Rue Cambon, perhaps the most famous fashion address in the world

I don't think I posted many pix of my Chanel-laden adventures in Paris back in 2007 (so long ago!), mostly because so many others were sharing their own snaps and it felt a little like Coco overkill on the Internet. But now that I've seen Rachel and Brad running up and down Coco's famously fabulous mirrored staircase, I had to pull out all my old Paris photos again.

the famous "CC" chandelier...

so did rach and brad get to hang in coco's living room with susie bubble? no, they did not.

closets of chanel clothing in the VIP fitting area!

Speaking of Paris — aka probably my most favorite city in the world, except maybe New York... and possibly Tokyo — YSL recently asked me to be part of a online project where a few bloggers shared their favorite Paris sights and spots. On my list: the Velib bike system, the scene in Amelie with the sound of the spoon cracking the creme brulee, colorful macarons, the highly delicious Rue Mouffetard! Check it out, if you'd like.

Fashion Icon: Glee's Emma Pillsbury

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My inner Broadway geek can't get enough of Glee, this season's must-watch high school glee club comedy. (It's created by Ryan Murphy, also behind one of my very favorite teen dramedies of all time, Popular. Gosh, I love that show.)

Other than the pop hits sung ensemble, my favorite part of the show is seeing what colorful outfit Emma, the obsessively neatnik school counselor, is wearing. She's a master of the J.Crew-meets-vintage mash-up, slightly prim but always cheeky and colorful. It's fantastic inspiration for anyone who has a more conservative work environment but wants to show a little quirkiness. And a good reminder that, often, when it comes to getting dressed, less is usualy more.

We Will Now Pause for Lanvin

Monday, October 05, 2009

You can always tell when I'm having a crazy week (or, um, month) because I tend to drop off the internet completely. It's not just the blog that's being ignored. I haven't even been shopping online.* Yes, it really is that busy.

Of course, there is always time for a little Lanvin. I'm frightfully behind on my Paris runway reviewing -- so behind that I might just forget it all and wait for Vogue Collections to come out -- but, of course, I'd never miss a click (or three) through Lanvin. Love the simple colors and careful construction of these looks -- Mr. Elbaz at his best.

*Um, I maaaay have been shopping a bit in real life though. But only because there was an Isabel Marant jacket from Hu's Wear that was yelling my name very, very loudly.