Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Isn't this *such* a beautiful picture? I was drawn to it the second I saw it on new etsy shop Blissful Images --although really, all the featured photos are breathtaking. Absolutely worth the click. Via SFGirlbyBay and about a gazillion other blogs.

Everything's coming up roses…

Monday, September 29, 2008

This is the point in the fashion season where my eyes start to glaze over and I'm not sure I can click through another runway show on again. But then, suddenly, Susie's backstage pics from the Fendi show, via the Dazed Digital gallery (that's one above), put me right back on the show review click cycle. I'm not always a Chanel gal, but I have a soft spot for Karl's Fendi collections—such pretty, detailed, vintagey designs. Could Karl get us back in the mindset of flower pins and floral appliqués come spring? If anyone can…

The art of couture

Sometimes, there's nothing like curling up with the new issue of Vogue to get you all excited about fashion. I absolutely adored the feature on couture craftsmanship – and the men and women behind it – in the February issue, together with the whimsical, beautiful photo shoot starring Natalia Vodianova that went along with it. I found the full scan of the story over here. Plus: Pink oversized balloons! Love.

Simply bow-tastic

I admit to running around so much during Fashion Week that I ended up completely ignoring the big presentation of reinvented ruby slippers on display in the tents. What a shame, as Moschino's version of Dorothy's magical heels have me written all. Over. Them.

Velvet and tulle… sigh.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

In New York a few weeks ago, I walked by the Soho J. Crew—and its adorably arranged Crewcuts window—almost every day. It's just the cutest, I-would-totally-wear-that stuff—but right now, I'm most obsessed with this slightly poufy velvet and tulle Natasha skirt (center). If I wasn't nearly six feet tall, I would so be trying my best to squeeze into the girls' XXL. Yes, please!

Sculptural Elements

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I know I'm not the only one swooning over the super-architectural, artfully constructed designs at Gianfranco Ferre. The front of the dresses is only half the story – the backs are also dramatic and gorgeous (and also very, very hard to find good photos of). I've got my eyes peeled; in the meantime, you can catch a small glimpse in the pics with Cathy Horyn's review

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog…

After 11 days in New York, four days at the New Jersey shore, and one pit-stop to see the parents in Delaware, I'm now back in DC for the foreseeable future. (Oh, wardrobe, how I've missed you!) The timing couldn't be better, as there's lots of fun fashiony things going on right now that I definitely didn't want to miss.

First up was the press dinner for Nanette Lepore last night at Indebleu. (Did you see the great article on Nanette in last week's WSJ?) She was totally charming and funny and very candid about fashion and the fashion process, which was completely refreshing and also somewhat educational. Tonight's the official launch of her Chevy Chase boutique – complete with fun dancey mariachi-esque band, I hear -- which should be great fun. I especially loved her saturated abstract florals from her spring show the other week (above) – the show in which I also sat right behind Lauren Conrad and blatantly admired her expensive highlights.

And then! On Wednesday, we'll be heading up to Ginger in Bethesda for the Saja fall collection trunk show. The trunk show runs all day, but cocktails and finger foods will be served between 6-9pm (and you know how we love cocktails and finger foods). We were just up at the store the other day, and they're stocking some really incredibly drool-worthy items for fall...

Plus: If you do head up to Ginger, don't miss the new shop Lou Lou just across the way – it's absolutely crammed with fun jewelry and other accessories. (We may have just gotten an awesome bow headband there that we will probably rock sometime this week.) Who'da thunk that Bethesda would become our favorite go-to shopping destination?

And then! Sugar's Fall Bash! Fashion Fights Poverty! Crafty Bastards! There's more info here on all those happenings.

And now, if you'll excuse us, we've got some unpacking and wardrobe planning to do.

Pinks and purples and blues, oh my!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I know you probably already went all googly-eyed over the details from the Eley Kishimoto show over on Style Bubble, but it is just so pretty, let's all drool again, shall we? Patterns! Hats! Colors! Tights! Fabulous.

Cat's Out of the Bag!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been keeping my lips firmly sealed for months now (with Nars Mindgame lipstick, if you must know – an absolutely perfect neutral shade, discovered thanks to Jenny Gordy), but I can finally spill the news about the launch of FW, the new glossy fashion publication from The Washington Post. The first issue officially comes out today – delivered to select subscribers, and also available in boutiques all around town – and Monday was the big launch, at Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee's Georgetown manse. (Do not fret: Those of you not in DC can browse the PDF over on the website.)

(Small side note: Have I ever discussed how Ben Bradlee is one of my top journalistic heroes? And how I once found a stack of copies of his autobiography on sale at a bookstore and gave them out as gifts all year, it was that incredibly good? Sigh. I was giddy just to say hello to him.)

In any case, I'm contributing to the publication in a few different ways – but perhaps my most fun role is as the regular Style Advice columnist. Which means: I really, really, really want to know your burning fashion advice questions! Don't know how to pull something off? Not sure what to wear a certain item with? Wondering if leggings are too last year? Please send an e-mail! The advice column address is advice AT fashionwashington DOT com – or, you can send it to me here, and I'll pass it along. Er, to myself.

A little dress-up never hurt anyone

The newest Anthropologie catalogue came today, and this photo made me giggle out loud. I just love the cat's eye glasses and the fur. {Smile}

Not quite Bill Cunningham, but I'll take it…

The gals and I (and my favorite Phillip Lim white blouse) met up for a long, chatty dinner one night at new Prospect Heights restaurant James -- which just so happened to be the night a NYTimes photog was there snapping pictures for Frank Bruni's dining review. (He likes! We liked! Everyone is happy!) The full photo slide show—with commentary by Bruni—is here, if tasty, homey, Brooklyn dining spots are of interest to you.

Notes from Fashion Week: The end

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So my first full fashion week was a great learning experience—as in: always, always have flats on hand; secure your show invites way in advance; definitely don't forget your umbrella if several hurricanes are going to blow their remnants all over your pretty dresses; skip the coffee and go straight to Red Bull by week's end—but also lots and lots of fun. I loved just sitting around the the Tents and in Bryant Park, scoping out the Pretty People and taking lots of notes on style tips to totally steal. A few final highlights:

+Bill Cunningham took my pic for a second time; alas, my fab new Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoe-booties and I did not make the cut on his Sunday Styles Fashion Week footwear round-up (with adorable commentary by Bill in the online version!). But, it's still worth the click for the gorgeous shoe eye candy (like above) and also the hilarious pictures of people covertly changing in and out of flats and into heels around every corner. (We did plenty of that ourselves, mostly while also juggling a big cup of Tasti-d-lite.) Majorly cool shoes are the new It bags, you know!

+I got to attend the Project Runway finale show! Tim Gunn! Heidi! Leanimal! I'm saving the rest of my thoughts for my weekly recap, but boy, it was a good time. Even if we totally had to force ourselves out of bed and run over with major bedhead to get there for the 9am taping. (Luckily, we weren't the only ones rocking some major untamed cowlick!)

+Quite possibly the biggest highlight of my week was sitting right next to IHT's iconic Suzy Menkes (my longtime fashion journalist hero) at the Sabyasachi show (another perennial personal favorite). I had to muster up the courage to introduce myself, but she was completely lovely and chatty and is now my hero times two.

+The other highlight of the week was unexpectedly bumping into my friend Maggie—owner of fab LA indie boutique Malgosia (now with online shopping!)—at the same show. We had a great time catching up over a quick lunch at Koi and then later met up with friends for lots of champagne at Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar, which was just the perfect ending to the week.

+Oh, except the week didn't end with fashion week! No, it ended with long walks through Brooklyn, brunch with the ladies (and their adorable babies), speakeasy cocktails, the fabulous Brooklyn Flea, and then lugging a seriously enormous amount of luggage to the train station in the early morn so I could high-tail it back to DC for the big launch of The Washington Post's new fashion glossy, FW. (More on that soon!)

+Oh! And! Over on NYMag's fashion pages (my go-to resource for runway coverage—clicking through is much faster than on, people are voting for the most fabulous and hideous looks from the runways. It's pretty hilarious. Especially the hideous part.

+I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things, but I've already moved on. Because: Did you sense that chill in the air today? Boot season is just around the corner! Bring on the slouchy suede!

The Shape of Things to Come

I'm absolutely swooning over accessory designer Devi Kroell's debut fashion collection. The proportions, the palettes – they strike that perfectly slouchy, slightly utilitarian yet completely pretty note that I'm finding so fresh and appealing right now. Yes, please!

Dear Fashion Fairy Godmother…

Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyone keeps asking me what I loved best at fashion week. I saw lots of things that were great, but if I had to pick one specific thing, it would be the Louboutins at Phillip Lim. Oh my goodness, I must must must have these shoes.

Oh, and the belts were fun too...

In black & white.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The quarterly mag Time Style & Design is one of my favorite fashion reads—I love how they combine intelligent reporting on the industry with trend coverage. This spread from their most recent issue, titled The Shock of Chic, is just so. Completely. Drool-worthy.

OK, I have to go watch runway shows on Full Frontal Fashion now! Seriously, if I could get local NYC TV in DC, I would be a very happy gal.

Quick Dispatch from Fashion Week

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few bits and pieces, in no particular order:

1) I sat behind Lauren Conrad and her pal Lo at the Nanette Lepore show today. The girl has some seriously nice highlights. It was paparazzi city! Which was kind of funny, because I was more excited about spotting John Slattery across the runway, even if no one else was.

2) The inimitable Andre Leon Talley dishes on fashion week and The Devil Wears Prada. Good stuff!

3) You're downloading your daily Daily, right? It's the free glossy given out every day at fashion week and is full of insider-y articles and fashion gossip. Today's highlights include a piece on the new Coach campaign, featuring the legendary style setter Iris Apfel (above). She singlehandedly got me to dig out my charm necklace from fourth grade, you know.

4) There's no escaping the boyfriend jean, people. It's everywhere around here. And, I admit, those slouchy, rolled-up cuffs are really growing on me.

5) OK, back to the tents!

Hi from New York.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I've been up in the Big Apple since Thursday night and – despite fitting in regular naptimes—have managed to do more in three days than I've done in the past few weekends combined. New York is amazingly energizing like that. I've been flitting around the Fashion Week tents, of course—today, Bill Cunningham actually snapped my picture and I very nearly died of excitement—but also running all around Soho with Johanna (we are now both the proud new owners of the Awesomest Shoe-Booties Ever!), catching incredible erotic circus performances and hanging out with the hip kids (and also Debbie Matenopolous, who was one table over).

There has not been, unfortunately, a lot of time for blogging. But! Here are a few things to tide you over for another day or two:

+I did the cover story of today's Washington Post Magazine – a look at all the behind-the-scenes people who contribute to one single wedding. It was done in a marathon photo shoot (more than 65 people!) back in May, so it's kind of thrilling to finally see it in print and online. That's one of the shots of the couple we profiled above. Aren't they incredibly adorable?

+Over on, I have a piece on five fall style must-haves. And yes, I totally bought that first ABS dress myself; it's totally Mouret-ish and super-phenomenal. Plus! I feel like I should let you know that H&M just started stocking a really nice lace legging for $20, which is a much more reasonably priced version of the one I picked for the story. And yes, I bought the H&M leggings too.

+Project Runway carries on in my weekly recaps (this week: my PR prayers were finally answered!). I am SO hoping to go to the Bryant Park finale show on Friday.

+First thoughts from people-watching at fashion week: Loving fringe-y details; hats are huge; and slouchy, slouchy flat boots are a must-have for fall. (With thick slouchy kneesocks underneath.) More on that front soon!

Small. But oh so big.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am completely in love with Small magazine. And no, it doesn't matter that I don't have children, or the possibility of children any time soon – it's just a gorgeous, creative, amazing publication. Wouldn't you love to see this clever, unexpected and inspiring formula applied to a fashion mag?

That's a glimpse of Catherine Ledner's incredibly cool animal photography above. (She's featured on pages 53-58.) And below are snippets from different pages throughout the current issue. I figured we could all probably use this little extra dash of whimsy in our day.

Via Black Eiffel, which is just so chock full of lovely stuff, you really ought to go read it yourself.

Pringle! (Er, not to be confused with Pringles…)

To be honest, I don't know anything about the brand Pringle of Scotland, but I sure do love this perfect swingy coat from their fall ad campaign…

OK, back to frivolous things…

Monday, September 01, 2008

I've been swooning over the fashion advertisements as much as—and maybe even more than—the featured editorials in the September magazines. Among my favorites: Escada (featuring a perfectly pulled-together Christy Turlington); Nick Knight's Bottega Veneta pics (sigh… such heavenly, detailed pieces) and Steven Meisel's Alberta Ferretti subway campaign, above (and not *just* because I want all those gorgeously saturated dresses. Although if someone wanted to go ahead and offer me that green one, I would certainly not refuse. Just sayin'.)

You can find the full Ferretti campaign—in all it's grungy-subway-meets-gorgeous-dresses glory—over here.

P.S.) I wouldn't kick the Jil Sander campaign out of bed either.

Because after all, it's really not about fashion…

My mom sent me the link to Randy Pausch's Last Lecture earlier today. Somehow, I'd managed to miss it on Oprah and Good Morning America and about 2.1 million other websites (according to Google), but figured it was worth taking the hour to watch.

It was.

{Also: Tears.}

{And: You'll just have to watch to get the Tigger reference.}

Peter pan collar! Bow! Poufy! Omg.

I'm sure I do not need to tell any of my regular readers how much I kinda freaked out upon discovering this amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. But if you're new, you should know it was a lot.

Fall Wishlist, part 5 of 298 (After Morning Spent on Web)

Don't get me wrong: I love a sky-high heel as much as the next girl, but since I log a lot of hours traipsing around town for work, I need a really comfy back-up for day-to-day usage. My trusty Havaianas are about to reach their expiry date—say it with me, No flip-flops after mid-September--and I'm completely, 100% anti-Ugg. Which is why I'm pretty much smitten with every color combination of the Ultimate 81 sneaker from Asics' Onitsuka Tiger line, especially this Drizzle Black & Gray version. Also the Palace Blue & Orange combination. Also the Amazon & Castle Rock option. Sigh.

Fall Wishlist, Part 4 of 78

I thought I was kind of over volume, but obviously I'm not. I love the drama of this Elizabeth and James Kimberly blouse (I'm not as smitten with the "Goldenrod" color, but I'm willing to forgive it for those gorgeous sleeves…) I'm really impressed with a lot of Elizabeth and James' fall collection (it's Mary-Kate's baby, you know...)

Fall Wishlist, Part 3 (of 77… I'm trying to pare down)

I had the privilege of seeing these Loeffler Randall Yvette Cut-Out Booties--which I actually find less bootie-like, and more modified-Mary Jane-ish, but whatever—in person this weekend, and they are even more amazing up close. That back zipper? The perfect finishing touch.

Of course, I'd basically be thrilled to take any of Loeffler Randall's footwear at this point. I've been visiting the Matilde boot at Urban Chic for more than a month now, and even last season's buckled Scarlett sandals (now half off) would be fantastic paired with thick ribbed tights this fall. How to choose?

{Update} I'm thinking the Aldo Rashed heel is a pretty darn great -- and, at $100, reasonably priced -- approximation. Back-zip and everything!

{Update 2} The Nine West Hamptonesk comes pretty close too...