Fun Package Day! Fun Package Day!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On the way home from yoga today (I'm generally fitness-challenged, so it's kind of fun to say that for once), I got a call from Mike. "I think you're going to want to stop by my office on the way back from class," he said, partly because he knows me too well, and partly because I don't think he wanted to lug home today's bonanza of mail. Because there was not only brand-new issues of Dwell and The New Yorker and US Weekly and Elle (an aside—Hilary Duff's 70s-style hair: Yay or nay? I say nay, but Mike says yay. These are the kinds of riveting discussions that we have during the course of the day.) There was also my new owl Keds! And they are really, really cute. I took them for a spin on my patio so you could see for yourselves.

And here's that Hilary Duff cover so you can judge for yourself, if that is something you would like to do:


Blogging Masterclass said...

I'm totally buying these - I heard about this a few weeks ago and totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!!


Anonymous said...

In an unprecedented turn of events--I'm going to disagree with B and side with Mike. A yay for Duff's hair and generally grown up appearance. It's about time she ditches the Lizzy MacGuire look.

Oh--I hate it when we fight,

holly said...

love, love, love the owl keds.

Joanna Goddard said...

cute cute!