I Think I have Just Found my Dream Career

Monday, June 19, 2006

The design-minded owners of New York homewares brand Salvor (whose Jack Russell terrier and mini starling pillows, above, are on my Desperately Coveted list – though I'd really be very happy with any of their animal pillows) also maintain a second site called Salvor Kiosk. Several times a year, they travel to a cool country somewhere the world, buy a selection of small, clever things from local stores and designers and the like, and then resell it (at very reasonable prices) on their kiosk site. Looks like they just got back from Sweden, where the terrific finds include the following:
Midsummer folding card:

Horsehair broom and red metal dustpan:

Children's moccasins:

And I'm sitting looking at all this cool stuff and I suddenly realize, I think I can do this! And so, it is now decreed that Fashion is Spinach 2.0 is totally going to have an online store. This is probably not going to happen anytime soon, but for now, I just like thinking about it.

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