Things That Make Me Go Oooh…

Monday, June 19, 2006

Via the aforementioned Bunnyshop, here's LES jewelry maker Erica Weiner's France and hammer necklace. I don't even usually wear necklaces (except for the chunky kind) but I love this. It's eerily reminiscent of a necklace I saw last week on the owner of a new Singapore boutique called Salad, at 25/27 Haji Lane. The shop is great and carries an eclectic mix of mostly black and white things. But what I wanted most was the owner's necklace, which was a long chain with two charms: a little metal flat birdcage and a little metal butterfly that, when next to the cage, looked like it was in the cage. So cool! However, when pressed, she said it was from a Hong Kong jewelry designer but that she did not know his name or any identifying details. Rats. Foiled again.

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