Monday, June 12, 2006

I sort of hate swimsuits and swimsuit shopping, so generally just stick to a bunch of cute but cheap bikinis from Target and Old Navy and leave it at that. Do I think they're amazing? No. But, they're not awful and they've only delivered a small amount of embarrassment, most recently in Phuket last month when the plastic holder in the back of my bikini top snapped and -- even though I clutched the top to my body before flashing/offending any other pool patrons -- the gross sweaty fat man next to me wouldn't stop leering until I exited the pool area and changed into something sturdier.

Still, every time I see one of the Stella McCartney for Adidas swim suits, I think I might actually look quite cute in it. Also very fit, though that might just be a mental thing.

And, if I hadn't already purchased cute Owl keds to be my shoes for the summer, I might have made these Stella-Adidas athletic ballet slippers my comfy shoe of choice.

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