What if we didn't call it a "fanny pack"?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I realize I may lose some of my fashion credibility right now, but sometimes I think I might want a fanny pack. Hear me out: I get tired of lugging around heavy purses (cute purses, sure, but still heavy), and very jealous of M. when we go out and around the city on weekend afternoons, and I still have to carry a bag for my basic crap and he is rocking the man-pant pockets and is totally hands-free.

Of course, when I say "fanny pack," I actually mean Hable Construction's adorable gardening belt, which I have coveted for a long long time for this exact purpose. (Especially because I do not own anything close to a garden, unless you count four small houseplants in various stages of dying.) I have not actually seen this belt in person to know if it can appropriately hold a few credit cards, my phone and some keys, but I think you could definitely pair it with some cute knee-length shorts and a little white blouse and go for a walk, without suffering any fanny pack-related embarrassment and completely free from the shackles of handbags.

Of course, you run the risk of people quietly thinking you're wearing a fanny pack. But I really don't think anyone is going to confuse this with the sweaty tourist with an overstuffed leather pouch strapped under his gut.


Anonymous said...

no. a fanny pack is a fanny pack. it screams fashion victim. i hate hate hate seeing this in mags year after year (most recently in time out).

tho i do have that stripey pocketed belt thingie, i have only worn it at parties i've hosted, to hold phone, pot, keys (to pot room), etc. this is an okay usage.

Anonymous said...

if you like pockets on the outside of things, also, you may like this skirt (i certainly do):

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