Vintage Clothing + Vintage Trailer = Total Awesomeness

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've loved following the launch of Punky Style's traveling trailer vintage shop, Haberdash. Seriously, it is just the CUTEST.

I sort of think I desperately need to launch a D.C. sister shop.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

If I should suddenly disappear from the Internets, you might just go and look for me at a cool little shop called Wanderlust in Siem Reap, Cambodia, hanging out with Elizabeth Kiester, who I'm pretty sure is my new hero.

Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-poker face.

If I could switch places with anyone for a day, it would have to be Lady Gaga. (No, wait,
Phillip Lim's muse. No, wait! Simon Doonan. No, wait! Mad Men's costume designer! …Hmmm, this is hard.) Well, it would probably be Lady Gaga, if only to parade around in her outrageously awesome costumes. The bubbles! The ruffles! The Kermit fascinator!! I die.

Shoes! Shoes!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My favorite buy of the summer — er, so far, anyway — is a pair of Pour La Victoire's Ella sandals, with their funky, zipper-edged rosette. (Even the homeless guy who hangs out down the street stopped me the other day and complimented them.) They are not exactly the Louboutin for Phillip Lim sandals of my dreams, but they are close enough for me (and, on sale lots of places, so infinitely more justifiable). They also come in a range of candy colors, which makes me think that maaaaaybe I need to own another pair.

In related news, the insanely phenomenal Chie Mihara booties I love do not fit in Piperlime's largest size (a 40, which seems to be the largest size most retailers are getting in). And so, if you spot them somewhere in a 41, would you pleeeease let me know?

Waisted Efforts

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So last week, just in case you were wondering, I up and went off to Mexico, to swim with turtles, eat delicious tacos and read a bunch of books. It was heavenly, but I do apologize for the abrupt absence. Apparently, the internet is not always abundant in Mexico.

I was hunting around my computer for a picture of this faaaabulous braided jersey necklace I'd bought recently and wanted to show you (I can't find it, but it's kind of like this, except with double the amount of strands), and instead came across these archived pictures from Prada's incredible "Waist Down" exhibit a few years back. I don't think I've ever posted them, which seemed sort of a shame. No one quite does a circle skirt quite like Miuccia.

Bows + Booties = A Very Happy Betsy

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I think my readers know me pretty well. And so, I'm pretty sure I do not have to tell you about the enormous squeal that came from my mouth at the sight of Chie Mihara's cascading bow Atame platform. Needless to say, it was loud.

Channeling my inner Lindsay Lohan

If you caught this post on the FW blog, you'll know I recently discovered designer Haider Ackermann and am pretty much obsessed. The fall collection is downplayed and utterly desirable — not the least of which are these super-bunched leggings from the runway show.

I had high hopes of doing something like this years ago with an Indian churidar I bought in Delhi, but they have such an unusual, blousy fit at the waist that I've never gotten them to fit properly. Any other thoughts on achieving a super-scrunched look on a super-scrunched budget? I just can't fathom spending lots of leggings, no matter how much I love them. (Like, for example, this David Lerner pair, which I've been obsessing over for months.)

In Other News: My Glamour Shot!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Imagine my surprise when Rachel at Project Beltway sent me a note this morning asking if that was me on page 108 of the July Glamour. I was amused and curious (particularly as I'd read it weeks ago and hadn't spotted any sort of doppelganger). I nearly choked on my Cheerios when I flipped it open and — sure enough! — there was my photo {that's me in the green} in a "Do's and Don'ts" dot com promotion.

It's from fashion week last fall: I'm rocking my favorite heels from DC designer Jeanne Jarvaise, my ever-present oversized all-black men's Swiss Army watch and a $5 silk dress thrifted from the Montgomery County Thrift Store in Bethesda. I also look a bit grim, which makes me think perhaps I was exiting some sort of neverending BCBG show. On the bright side: There is no big black bar on my face, which I guess means I'm a "Do." Phew!