Fall Wishlist, Part 2 (of approximately 137, at this point)

Friday, August 29, 2008

I've been absolutely smitten with Proenza Schouler's light, airy and absolutely gorgeous bow-tie scarf-neck top, above, since the second I saw their fall collection. And it can finally be mine! For only $1,250! Um. Whoo?

Or, for that price, I can buy four of these Robert Rodriguez tie-front tops, below ($297). Love the blousy shape and the sappire color… not to mention the sliiiiightly more palatable price point.

While I'm at it, I might as well say that I still also really want one of Robert's delightfully decadent tie-neck lace blouse (in granite, please…).

All the hope in the world…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm enjoying my last few days at our beach house, with a stack of fall magazines, including New York Mag's fall fashion issue, where I found the photo above. Isn't it brilliant? Such the perfect mix of whimsy and precision. Looking at it makes me completely giddy.

Fall Wishlist, Part 1 (of approximately 56)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We are almost back! I've missed doing daily blog updates, but am hoping your end-of-summers are wrapping up as well as mine. (Not to worry, we're gearing up for a full post-Labor Day comeback.) I am a little sad to see the end of summer – and beach trips, and vinegar-soaked fries, and sitting by the roof pool animatedly discussing the new Vogue – come to an end. But not that sad. Because! It is time for fall, possibly my favorite season for getting dressed.

I've actually stocked up quite a bit on fall must-haves (we'll run through those later), but am holding out for a cold snap to make some final decisions. Which may or may not include a pair of slouchy, slate gray leather boots, like these Frye Paige cuff boots from Urban Outfitters. (Of course, Madewell has a great pair of gray boots this season… Oh, decisions, decisions.)

Cheers & Jeers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My blog-cation is going fairly well, thank you. I admit I miss the blog terribly, but am feeling so swamped that it's nice to have one less pressing thing on my plate for a few weeks. Still, a few quick things I couldn't resist:

Cheers! The dressing room shoes at Carol Mitchell in Tysons Galleria (above) might actually be more fun than their selection of amazing clothes. Jil Sander mega-platforms? We were dying! {In related news, this fall's Marni wooden platform pumps have just moved to the top of my dream wishlist…}

Cheers! We couldn't get enough of the juicy details behind the great Elle divide. Dishy mag gossip, y'all!

Cheers! We're excited to announce that we're off to NY Fashion Week in a few weeks! It's our first full NY fashion week, and we are jumping up and down with excitement. Yes, literally. {Bounce, bounce.} Now, what to pack…?

Jeers! First I start spotting multiple misspellings in my Vogue, and now this! (See below.) Poor Hanii Y. And for shame, Nordstrom. For shame. {Update} Hmmm... Maybe I'm wrong -- Barney's has the dress under "Hanni Y." too. Diffusion line? General industry confusion? Can someone with more Google patience enlighten me please? I think we have all decided together that it's definitely Hanii Y, and so we return to our original message: For shame, Nordstrom. For shame.

The most insanely perfect shoe ever.

Patterns! And other fun stuff.

I do love me some colors and patterns. Above, a stack of my mismatched vintage dessert plates. The top one is an old Saks Fifth Avenue design, found for 50 cents at the South Dakota Ave. Goodwill.

Just below, the wallpaper at my favorite dive-y boardwalk burger joint. I think it's been there since the place first opened decades ago. I'm at the beach house for the rest of the week, and am planning on indulging in said burger later today.

At the very bottom, the table setting from a little dinner party we threw a couple of weeks ago. I'm useless in the kitchen, so I always appoint myself to the decorating committee. Much more fun!

And also!

+DC fashion news and stuff on

+Last week's Project Runway recap. Next one will be up sometime tomorrow morning!

+And finally, my recent interview with Barney's creative director Simon Doonan. I was so nervous to meet him – he's such an icon! I own almost all his books! and they are amazing and hilarious! -- but he was just incredibly pleasant and lots of fun. We sat for nearly an hour before his Corcoran talk and he spoke super-candidly (as you will see) about lots of interesting fashiony things. It was great inspiration to work to steer clear of ubiquitous trends and forge my own fashion path.

+The sun is peeking out. Off to the beach!

Olympic fever!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

When I moved to Beijing nearly five years ago, the Olympics were a constant topic of conversation even then. All that anticipation bubbled over Friday for the spectacular opening ceremonies—just an amazing feat of design and precision and so. many. People! It was absolutely, incredibly dazzling. (Also, I so want one of those voluminous ombre robes in the first picture. Gorgeous!) Oh, and when those performers popped out of the printing tiles? Goosebumps. My teensy pictures don't do it justice, but these oversized images actually manage to capture some of the sweeping beauty of the show.

I will also go on record as saying Michael Phelps is not bad eye candy either.

Summer break.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, we are basically going to go ahead and claim August as our blog-cation month. Posting will likely be sporadic for the next few weeks. We wish we could say it's because we're off sunning ourselves by the roof pool, but really, it's 'cause the next few weeks look to be a blur of deadline after deadline after deadline (though, okay, we are squeezing in a few more beach trips before our summer share runs out). It's so frustrating, because we've got so many posts rattling around our head (our fall wishlist! patent platforms! intense love for Helmut Lang shorts!) but no time to sit and sort them out. We promise to post whenever we can.

And on top of all that, I had to have a wisdom tooth out this week, so I've spent much of the past few days in an uncomfortable, super-swollen haze. In short, it looks like the left side of my face is wearing a fat suit. So not cute.

In case you missed it…

Monday, August 04, 2008

Here are a few images from Friday's Washington Post Express piece: It was one of my favorite stories to work on in recent memory, not only because I had so much fun styling the cover shot (above), but because it was a shopping challenge about putting together a complete outfit solely from thrift, secondhand, and vintage stores. Heaven! That's my finished look below. And, yes, that's my new $7.50 Diane von Furstenberg dress.

Oooooh… shoes…

Meanwhile, back in Singapore: Our friend Lee Meng has *just* debuted her new shoe shop Eve Boutique over on Club Street. It looks like the kind of unique shoe store we wish existed when we lived in the big Sing for the insanely high drool-factor: There are lots and lots of gorgeous styles from boutique brands (and local exclusives) like Georgina Goodman, Hetty Rose, Rupert Sanderson and Finsk. Swoon.

Solid proof of busyness.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Boy, I do hate those weeks when its suddenly Friday and I realize I haven't checked in with y'all on the blog. It's been a crazy-busy couple of days. Let's recap!

+ I got a new haircut! Photos are forthcoming, but I loooooove Chris at new U Street salon Parlour. We are moving solidly in a Katie Holmesian direction. Two thumbs up!

+ Like a good little groupie, I've been following my Favorite Band Ever, the Old 97s, through the mid-Atlantic region this week. First up was Tuesday at the 9:30 Club, with super-cute opening band The Spring Standards, which was sold out and seriously crowded but a rocking good show. (We were sliiiightly late after being sidetracked by Drag Queen Bingo at nearby Nellie's, which I totally want to go back for next week. Takers?) Last night we caught the band at the Bottle & Cork in Dewey, which was just fantastic because you could basically walk right up to the stage and rock with Rhett. (Who I thought might pass out, he was rocking so hard.) Plus, I haven't heard "Wish the Worst" in concert in for-ev-er (although my request for "Singular Girl" was completely dismissed by Ken). Still. Good times, good times.

+ Oh, and then there was the Ice Cream Social! I ended up inviting my neighbors up to the roofdeck to polish off all that Edy's, and it was waaaay fun.

+ Plus! Project Runway! What did you think? Here's my recap.

+ Oh and finally! I've got the cover story in the style section of the Washington Post Express today (unfortunately, no pics online). I haven't seen it myself yet, 'cause I'm still at the beach. But can you guess which thrifted ensemble is mine?

+ Excuse me, I have to go have Thrasher's now.