Possibly The Reason My Bag Is Always So. Incredibly. Heavy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I sometimes worry that I'm going to be one of those women whose stacks of old magazines fall over and trap her and she's only discovered weeks later when the neighbors get worried because all of her cats are making a big fuss. Of course, I don't have any cats (yet). I'm not sure if this should be a relief or a concern.

Still, even horrible thoughts of me eventually brought down by my own unstoppable magazine consumption haven't done much to curb the tide of glossies that flood our mailbox every month. They fall into the following categories:

Must-read the second they arrive, no matter what:
Lucky, Vogue, Elle, Domino, US Weekly, Teen Vogue

Peruse at my leisure:
Dwell, Harper's Bazaar, New York, DestinAsian, W (whose gigantic size prohibits a lot of carrying around)

Just added recently and very excited about that:
The Daily Mini, Blueprint, Tank

Purchase when I'm feeling particularly frivolous:
UK Vogue, Nylon, Wallpaper, Vogue (Australia) Entertaining + Travel

Wish I could keep up with:
New Yorker (approximately six issues behind at this point; growing into daunting stack on bedside table)

Of these, I keep the entire issue of Lucky, Vogue, Teen Vogue and Domino, and the rest get stripped of their best articles/ pictures/ products and filed into binders every few months or when the stacks appear capable of seriously maiming me, whichever comes first. But, because I'm a firm believer that one can never have too many magazines, I'm always on the lookout for more. (For example: currently intrigued by Dazed & Confused; kinda missing Glamour; desperately wishing Selvedge wasn't so darn expensive.) If you have any thoughts, must-reads, or teenagers selling reduced-priced subscriptions, please send 'em along.


Anonymous said...

im pretty damn sure we are mag soulmates

Anonymous said...

I've had to part ways with many of my most beloved magazines during my multiple apartment swaps living in New York. A fair amount of the my most useful ones remain with me. I understand completely how you feel and I love how organized your collection is.


Anonymous said...

heya, you must check out Frankie at Kinokuniya!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go with Frankie, as already suggested. It is fantastic, and as an Australian, I can't imagine living without it.

Also maybe try Yen. But I don't know if it is available where you are.

Anonymous said...

I love how you have organized your magazines! Everyword from that post could have come directly from my mouth because I am the EXACT same way. I have some magazine that must be read IMMEDIATELY, while the others are stripped of pictures and articles and then tossed. But I have no more room for my growing collection (which started 8 years ago). Its sick! Anywho, another storage suggestion that may not take up as much shelf space as your is to buy clear container bins- I store my older magazines in them because I know I will not need to look at them for a while. That way, I have more shelf space for the newer ones! Its a filing system of sorts!

Anyway, keep on collecting- you have muy full support.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SAVING MAGGAZINES! i save ALL of mine and when i have time i like to look at old ones and remember stuff i liked or disliked. yous sounds so organized.... mine are in a pile in my room!