Making It Work, Once Again

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got the nicest note from a reader this week (hi Krista!), asking if I was planning to bring back my Project Runway recaps. To be honest, I hadn't even watched an episode of the new season yet, but it was the push I needed to break out the Tivo and get my Tim Gunn on. (Oh, Tim. I know you've been busy working your magic at the Liz Claiborne Co. -- nice job so far on the Liz and Kate Spade lines, btw; love that Isaac Mizrahi and Deborah Lloyd! -- but I've missed you.)

I've recapped episode one over here and episode two right here, should you care to weigh in on the Mitchell-is-a-mess mania. I like that the designers are kind of crazy without being horribly annoying... yet (oh Stella, I do not miss you at all). Should be a fun season.

In other news! We're shipping the Fall issue of FW to the printer tomorrow, so I'll have a little break for a week or two. A break in which to prepare for Fashion Week (yaaaay!) and actually blog a little more too.

What a Difference Some Eyebrows Make

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lara Stone, French Vogue, March 2009:

Lara Stone, French Vogue, September 2009:

Hair Today, Bobbed Tomorrow

Monday, August 24, 2009

Current hair inspiration: Katie Holmes circa choppy bob

New hair inspiration: Poppy Lifton?

The differences are subtle, but significant... Also, how am I only *just* getting around to last season's Gossip Girl?

Sweater Weather is Just Around the Corner…

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The fall fash mags are starting to trickle in, and I'm absolutely devouring them. Marie Claire features Ashley Olsen and a bunch of great fash spreads; Lucky's rocking an updated look that has each page extra-crammed with stylish goodness. (Seriously, I'm on my third reading and still marking items with those little stick-on tags.) But one of my favorite things? Fall's cheery-chic ad campaigns. The Gap's launch of its 1969 denim collection (above) had me squealing (only Anja Rubik, center, could convince me that I absolutely NEED to have destructed skinnies immediately — not to mention shrunken navy blazers, boyfriend oxfords and quite possibly a very hot male model in my life), while DKNY's colorful spreads (below) catch my eye every time I delve into a glossy. I love warm weather, but I'm a fall fashion girl at heart. Bring on the knee-high boots and extra-long cardigans!

As Pretty as a Lanvin Cocktail Dress

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We interrupt our usual fash talk for a glimpse of what might be the Most Gorgeous Wedding Invites Ever. In all my exhaustive internetting, one of the blogs I never, ever miss is Holly's Nothing but Bonfires, easily one of the most hilarious and well-written blogs out there in cyberland. (And I say this with certainty, because it has veered almost exclusively into wedding-related posts lately, which is not usually my cup of tea, and yet, I still devour it religiously.) Anyway, their wedding invites — featuring vintage stamps, amazing fonts, retro maps and teensy doilies — made me swoon in a way usually reserved for Alber Elbaz's draped concoctions. See the full explanation here.

Obsessed! Jasmin Shokrian

Saturday, August 08, 2009

This simple, sleek outfit from U.S. designer Jasmin Shokrian (apparently, a Michelle Obama favorite and found via Susie) absolutely sums up the look I've been increasingly drawn to (and wearing constantly) lately: a filmy top, an architectural skirt, a simple but statement-y heel. Throw on a little shruken tuxedo jacket, and that's pretty much my go-to style lately.

On closer inspection, Shokrian's whole collection is faaabulous. Yes, I'll have one of you and one of you and one of you...

Outfit Watch! Off to the Theater…

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You may or may not be aware that I am a major Broadway geek. Like in a would-totally-geek-out-if-I-met-Idina Menzel slash quotes-"Into the Woods"-at-regular-intervals kind of way. ("When the end is right it justifies the beans!") "Spring Awakening" was playing all month at the Kennedy Center, and I scored front row tickets for the second-to-last night of the run this weekend (I actually scored a front row seat for early July, but couldn't make it, to my insane disappointment.) It was amaaaazing. And it was also the occasion to wear a really great dress: in this case, Manish Arora's voluminous, colofrul confection, which (if you remember) was first drooled over by me at India Fashion Week several years ago and brought in by Anthropologie (of all places) last year.

Fashion and showtunes! It was the perfect combination. Here is me at my most utterly happy (and, likely, singing "My Junk" in my head):

Time Flies When You're Having Fun… or Being Very Busy

Sunday, August 02, 2009

At least my silence isn't because I'm uninspired, but rather because I'm overly inspired, by fabulous exhibits and phenomenal musicals and the amazing photo above from the NYT, via just about everybody, because apparently it was very predictable that I would love it.

I'm still blogging a ton over here too. More soon!