Too Cute to Miss: Mozi Designs

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm completely smitten with Mozi Designs, a great Australian brand with tons of cute housewares and other fun things. I think a few of their boldly patterned tea towels (above) could be just the right thing to spruce up my kitchen (or maybe even used to sew together a cute totebag, if you're feeling extremely ambitious). And now that Cat is going out of business with her iPod Cozy store, I'd have to suggest one of Mozi's printed neoprene iPod holders (below) to keep your mp3s safe instead.

Their site is full of adorable gifty things, including plenty of new bird-centric patterns. (Since we're all in agreement that birds are this year's skulls, right?) One tiny problem: There isn't a list of retailers or a way to purchase through the site. I've sent them a note asking for info on how to buy pieces from their collection, so I hope to update with some good news shortly. Trust me, my kitchen *needs* these towels.

[Update] Those of you in the U.S. are out of luck for now, as Mozi isn't sold there yet. But feel free to live vicariously through us here in Singapore, where various pieces of the line can be found in stores like Anthropology in Holland Village, Eggthree on Erskine Street and -- coming soon -- Sky Pilates in Liat Towers on Orchard Road. The rest can be bought through their local agent; just e-mail me for her details.

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Brigitte said...

Corduroy and Finch is selling that stuff as well. I bought there one of those lovely teatowels.