It is just like I feared…

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do not think I've forgotten you. I have not! But, as I suspected a few weeks back, January is passing me by in a gigantic blur of incredible busyness. Work has really ramped up in the past few weeks, and while the good news is that I'm still totally loving it – the people, the creativity, the running around town to procure random objects for interesting photo shoots – the bad news is that most of the time, I come home at the end of the day and collapse on the couch to a mix of demanding kitties, cheese-based food products and reruns of House.

Oh, right, and did I mention the world's biggest party is about to be underway, practically in my backyard? It's impossible to be in DC and not catch inauguration fever. Despite the masses of tourists, traffic snarls and obscenely frigid temperatures expected to descend this weekend, I'm incredibly excited to have a front-row seat to such a major event. And, okay, also to have a reason to justify a pretty incredible Phillip Lim dress to sport to one of the big balls.

In any case, the blog has been moved to the the metaphorical backseat for just a tiny bit longer. Although if I get to meet Oprah this weekend, I promise you'll be the first to know! (Well, you, and anyone within a 20 foot radius who will probably hear my squeaks to excitement.)

As for the resolutions? I totally fell off the no-credit-card wagon when I spotted this Alkemie large stingray cuff on sale at Farinelli's in Clarendon last week and didn't have any cash on me. (I'd been eyeing it online forever.) Of course, I immediately misplaced my card after buying it — is that a sign or what? — so I've been pretty good ever since. I'm just telling myself that if Oprah compliments me on the cuff, it will so be totally worth it.

PS) In case you hadn't noticed, I've added my twittering to the sidebar there at your left. I'm trying to keep it fashiony, for the most part. Really, it's the least I can do for being such a poor blogger...

Making a list, checking it twice…

Friday, January 02, 2009

Ah, I do love making resolutions. I generally revise them on a monthly basis – goals are good! – but here's a snippet of what I'm plotting for 2009.

1. Go rollerskating with the roller dancers in Central Park at least once.

2. Visit the remaining two Disneylands (resolution carried over from last year, and I think even the year before). That means, Tokyo and Hong Kong, you're on my travel list!

3. Have more impromptu dinner parties at home, even if that just means putting some takeout in vintage Pyrex, setting out tasty nibbles, and serving lots and lots of wine.

4. Maintain stock of wine, cheese, crackers and takeout menus so above can actually be achieved.

5. Use said dinner parties to corral friends into playing board games. I am severely lacking in quality Apples to Apples time.

6. And, if that tactic fails, find some more friends who enjoy playing board games.

7. Part ways with the credit card, for good. Learn to love what I have in my closet(s) and be more experimental with it.

8. Eat more fruit. And, on a fairly unrelated note, wear more hats. Both will be good for me.

9. Laugh more, love more, read more, sing more (even if just in the shower), dance more, smile more, say hello to people on the street more, hold doors open for people more, offer up my seat on the subway more, make funny faces at babies more (if possible).

10. Do not allow more than three New Yorkers to go unread at one time. Ignore the fact that this resolution is already off to a bad start.

11. Catch up the number of countries I've visited to my age. Which hopefully means: Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, Brazil…

12. Take up tap dancing.

13. Drink lots of water. Stop buying fancy moisturizers when what I probably really need is to just not be so dehydrated.

14. Play a full round of golf, on an actual golf course.

15. Blog more! Read more! Sew more! Photograph more! Dress up more! And be as creative as possible in everything I do.