Owl Keds: A Love Story

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Subtitle: I think I am now designer Eleanor Grosch's biggest fan

Having become completely enamored with my owl Keds, I thought I'd check out some more work of their designer, Eleanor Grosch, the founder of Pushmepullyou Design in Philadelphia, and general creator of Really Cute Stuff. You might recognize her cool rock posters (for sale on her site) for bands from Rilo Kiley to Death Cab for Cutie. She also has a bunch of animal-focused art prints that would make great wall decorations, especially for kids' rooms (they're only $20). And finally! She's also done a few t-shirts, including this one for Wilco. Rock on.

And now, I promise this is the end of gushing about my owl Keds. For today, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am an graphic arts student at Western Kentucky University, and I just had the great pleasure of hearing a lecture from Eleanor today! She is absolutely fantastic in person and her work is truly amazing!

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