We Interrupt our Regular Busyness for Something Fun

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It would be safe to say that my daily schedule has changed dramatically in the past week. Where there used to be lots of time for sewing and puttering and waxing about the virtues of skinny jeans from the Gap (seriously, very nice – I am a big fan of Gap denim, and not just because they seem to have readjusted their sizing charts so that I now "fit" into unheard-of-before pant sizes), now there is a lot of balancing work and more work. And playing with kittens, of course.

That doesn't mean I haven't gotten to see/do/buy some fantastic things lately, only that it is taking me a little bit longer to find the time to write about it. Which is why I'm a week behind on gushing about newish Singapore shop Swirl, located on the second floor of Stamford House. Owners Evelyn and Suzanne organized the first (but what will likely not be the last) Swirl Swap Swop last weekend, where a bunch of stylish ladies brought along the gently used clothes they were sick of, dumped them in a big pile and went shopping through everyone else's things. I was only there as an enthusiastic observer (because, truth be told, I was completely Zouked Out from the all-night beach party the night before) but it was a raging success. And! We also got to meet adorable reader Annabel, who had the cutest little suitcase and seemed to be scoring a lot of cute stuff. Hi Annabel!

But I digress. Even if you missed the Swap, be sure to stop by Swirl to check out their own adorable clothing line, fun fashion finds from labels like Dotted Line and a huge trove of vintage goodness. We give it two green thumbs up.

Here's a few quick pics from the Swirl Swap and around the shop. Isn't this "Twiggy skirt" below – from their own in-house line – so fantastic? I'm saving my pennies for it…

And Miles to Go Before I Shop…

Friday, December 08, 2006

Phew. I'll be back in a few days with some key advice on how to quickly pull together a work-appropriate wardrobe. Because that's all I'm really thinking about, fashion-wise, at the moment.

In the meantime, Phuket and kitty pictures over here.

The Road to Becoming a Cat Lady

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So sorry for the lack of updates. We here at Fashion is Spinach have recently been offered some very exciting job opportunities of sorts, something that might allow us to put even more creative thought into eating, sleeping and breathing fashion. (As if we didn't already.) But these things are also taking a bit of time at the moment. If all works out, we'll have some updates on this soon. (In the meantime, we will enjoy being slightly vague and evasive on the matter, just because.)

And also! I got kitties! Mike indulged me this weekend by agreeing to adopt two kittens through the Cat Welfare Society, a Singapore organization that rescues tough little street kittens and finds them a good home. Here's a look at our little ruffians… They spent the first day behind the fridge but have since shown a fondness for sleeping in their litterbox (ew) and sitting on laps while their ears are being rubbed (aw).

This animal-loving mood is probably what made me smitten with the mod animal notebook line from L.A.-based stationery brand Rock Scissor Paper, $9 each. I spotted them at adorable paperie Wood Would at The Cathay here in Singapore over the weekend, for S$15 apiece. So. Cute! (Also: If you're in Singapore, have you been to The Cathay lately? It's really filling up with lots of cute shops. Plus, the Ben & Jerry's has a stage for a band. Ice cream and rock music? Genius!)

Anyway. I am off to contemplate work clothing options. And also be gleeful about the fact that – a good six months after first coveting it -- I found the Stella McCartney Adidas tanksuit I loved on *major sale* at Isetan in Shaw House. I bought two. It really is that great.