Trend I Can Get Behind: Headbands

Monday, June 26, 2006

I had picked up some inexpensive shiny plastic headbands months ago, thinking they'd be great to pair with vintage dresses for a cute retro look. So it was really quite disappointing that every time I put one on, I always looked more like a dorky 5th grader than the epitome of 50s chic. However, I think I've finally come around again to the idea. Based on their celebrity following — finally, a good example of Hilary Duff's hair looking cute! — it's pretty clear that headbands are going to be huge this summer.

The secret to pulling off the headband is to wear it with your hair pulled back in a ponytail or messy bun (remember: you want to go for Audrey Hepburn, not Soccer Mom). I'd skip the pricey versions that are starting to appear now in stores -- you know we'll all be sick of them by fall. Mine were about $2 each from a local accessories store and are a pliable, shiny plastic but they're still pretty cute. Or! Try a simple silk ribbon or printed scarf (which can almost always be found for a buck apiece at thrift stores). Voila.

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Anonymous said...

hilary duff is the most beautiful of this world!