How to Look Like a Yoga Expert Without Really Trying

Thursday, June 22, 2006

In order to correct my current title-holding status of Most Inflexible Person in the World, I started yoga class at the Como Shambhala center here in Singapore earlier this week. (I can barely touch my shins, let alone my toes, but you've got to start somewhere, right?) I really like my teacher, despite the fact that he used me as the class example of what not to do about seven times. Which is about six times too many, in my opinion. Still. Baby steps.

I figure, if I can't look cute actually doing yoga, at least I can look cute while waiting around in the lobby for class to start. And so, I'm on a quest for fun yoga clothing – starting with this Nike Guru Shrug. It's a little different than the hippie-chic look I was expecting to embrace, and yet, I'm really drawn to it. Plus, maybe if I wear it around enough, no one will suspect that the last time I was able to touch my toes was sometime around 1987.

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