My Firstborn for an Isabel Toledo Dress! (& Other Musings)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Often, I feel insanely, incredibly lucky to have the day job that I do. Especially when it allows me to intersect closely with inspiring figures — like Michael Kors, who I sat down and had a chat with last week (he was fantastic! I haven't always loved him on PR, but in person, he was hilarious and adorable). Or the fabulous Isabel Toledo, who I got to interview at length for the summer issue of FW.

Getting such amazing access to designers might be my favorite part of the job — very rarely do I not leave the conversation with my head full of new fashion ideas and near-giddy with inspiration. (Of course, the downside — or upside? — is that I have a newfound appreciation for their works, which makes me immediately want to own a small snippet of their brilliance, which leaves me attempting to justify way-out-of-my-budget Michael Kors dresses. Sigh.)

In any case, at the top of my summer To Do list is a trip to New York: for the Avedon fashion retrospective at ICP, the Model as Muse show at the Met, and the Isabel Toledo retrospective at FIT (these photos are from the ad campaign for the show). NY Mag did a great pre-show preview video with the Toledos (below), which makes me all the more excited for the exhibit.

Shameless self-promotion: Fash chat today at noon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So, I'm having one of those uber-busy weeks, not the least of which is that it was my birthday yesterday, which I spent hanging out with Michael Kors (really!) and navigating the shopping mall in search of presents. For myself. From myself.

Tonight (birthday part 2!), I'm catching a screening of "The September Issue" -- starring Vogue magazine! -- and maybe throwing back some grog at a pirate-themed restaurant.

And in between, the FW team is hosting a fashion chat! Today at noon, we'll be talking about how to pull of summer style (and not look sticky and sweaty), dishing on Michael Kors and helping you wrangle your wardrobes. Oh, and giving away free beauty swag. Come visit! (Or, if you miss us live, you can read the whole transcript post-chat.)

I'll recap my birthday finds next week... Let's just say the current 75 percent off sales did me proud!

Rock and Roll and Decorate

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I know this has been written about before, but if you do a search for "concert posters" on, you can really find some awesome handscreened graphic prints. Like (clockwise from top left): Jenny Lewis, The Decemberists; The Decemberists again (I just saw them last night, so I'm hooked); and Nada Surf. I so need more wall space.

On the mend…

Monday, June 08, 2009

Hello! I'm back! I will save you the whole long story on why it's been so long (in short: I was sick, then developed a staph infection, then got a slew of meds, all not fun!). I am, unfortunately because of the aforementioned ailments, also not away on vacation this week, as I was supposed to be, so I am back to my regular sporadic blogging schedule.

Being in bed for a good part of two weeks did give me a chance to catch up a little bit on the internets. I tried hard to refrain from shopping too much, but I did allow myself to pick up a few things. I was sick after all! It was easy to justify.

My small shopping list included the following:

1)American Apparel's super-sheer circle scarf ($39), in blue. I'm seeing this as summer's answer to the drapey cowl scarf I wore all winter, and a great way to break up the darkness of black daytime dresses and give them a bit of fun, summery color.

2)Calypso's braided-neck Kimberly tank dress ($130). Style Redux turned me on to it! Such a bright, breezy summer staple.

3)Alternative Apparel's super-comfy lightweight tank tops in shades of gray ($14), to wear under light blazers with draped shorts. Just so I'm not wearing a white American Apparel deep V-neck every day. It's getting a little ridiculous how much I wear those.

4)DV by Dolce Vita's Owen sandals. 'Cause a gal just can't wear flip flops all the time.

I'm all antibiotic'd up now, and waaay better, so the try-not-to-shop clause has gone back into effect. It was fun while it lasted. I might have to make a teensy exception for the gorgeous photo by Blissfulimages (above). It makes me feel better just to look at it.