I'll Have One of You… And One of You… and One of You

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yesterday, I discovered Singapore-based online jewelry store L'ArtiChaut and subsequently fell in love with U.K jewelry line Tatty Devine, whose whimsical, slightly wacky necklaces definitely make great statement pieces. My favorite is their bird necklace (above), but there are a ton of other great pieces as well (the dinosaur? genius!).

Part of my initial excitement upon discovering the site/brand was that I thought I'd finally found the source of a necklace I recently spotted on a girl in the taxi line at Paragon mall in Singapore. It was a long chain strung with big, flat, plastic kelly green olive leaves and one white dove. (Mike thought it was based on a papercut by Matisse, which seemed right at the time, but I've not been able to locate it, so maybe not.)

And so, a reader plea: Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (And, more importantly, where I can find it?) And also, a warning: If you like the necklace the girl in the taxi line is wearing, always, always ask her where she got it.


Anonymous said...

hey, i have bought a necklace with big acrylic leaves pendant (in one piece) on a long gold chain. but no white dove with it. in far east plaza for $19.90

Anonymous said...

and the leaves were green

Anonymous said...

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