Our Big Blank Wall is Just Sitting There, Mocking Me

Monday, June 26, 2006

So the debate rages on over what to do with our big white wall. My all-around good-taste barometer, Kevin, suggested the very cool Wallpaper by Numbers by Jenny Wilkinson (above) but then immediately discredited his opinions by giving Hilary Duff's Elle cover hair an enthusiastic yay. (I'm shocked! Is it a guy thing?)

This weekend at the Scandinavian design bonanza that is the Style: Nordic boutique here in Singapore, Mike and I both loved the very graphic black and white Mazurka fabric by Froso and thought we might buy a few yards and stretch it onto a frame to make some big wall art (not unlike what you're seeing below in the red/white version). At least I know that when I get tired of it, I can channel a little Maria from the Abbey and turn it into pillows or something.

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