Totally Drool-worthy: Kate Towers' Designs

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am still incredibly sick, but well enough that I can lie in bed, blowing my nose and scouring the Internet, thank goodness. Via Mrs French, I got introduced (and subsequently completely wrapped up in) the work of Portland-based designer Kate Towers and the photo shoots she's created to showcase them.

Kate sells her designs on etsy (sometimes) and at Seaplane in Portland, a boutique she co-founded with designer Holly Stalder. Whose name rang an instant bell, because in a weird twist of Internet fate, I've been stalking Holly Stalder's pieces on etsy for what seems like yeeeears, just waiting for the day when I can justify purchasing her gorgeous La Sylphide capelet… Perfection.

But I digress. Back to drooling over Kate Towers' designs. Really, though, I'd recommend clicking over to her site for the full effect.

Me, Elsewhere…

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just in case you're not keeping up with the FW blog, here are a few of my fave fashion tidbits of late…

+My swimsuit for the summer! (Love, love, love the retro bathing suit trend. Now if only it would *just stop raining*...)

+The quest for the perfect pair of strappy tan heels (I couldn't hack the height of the Vince Camutos, so I settled on the Nine Wests and they are pretty fab… Although now I sort of want the Joan & David Acosta. Sigh.)

+So in love with this season's easy chambray pieces…

+I'm kind of obsessed with ogling Michelle's outfits in the White House flickr pool (above). (Bonus news! A major motorcade sped by my building today as I was heading in. I was convinced it was Obama, but Henry the doorman thought it was Biden. Still. Exciting!)

Be Our Guest

Loved the gorgeously light feature "The Wedding Party" in June's Vogue, recapturing the wedding of model Sasha Pivovarova and Igor Vishnyakov. If only because it made me immediately want to go buy more vintage hats. Veils! Bows! Swoon.

Hi! {Sneeze} We Miss You! (Sneeze, gack}

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We here at Spinach HQ have been stricken with a terrible cold (and, rather unfortunately, we find the older we get, the less colds we get — but when we do, they are real doozies. Sniffle.) Excuse us while we convalesce in our bed with bowls of oatmeal and doting kitties. In the meantime, this photo from Cannes makes us feel sliiiiightly better. That dress! We're such suckers for a mermaid hemline. Le sigh.

Blog Update, Take 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes, a whole week will go by when I'm running around, getting it done, living my life, and then I'm like "D'oh! I've totally forgetten to blog lately!" {And then, I'll write up a whole blog post, and my computer will freeze and I'll be forced to write it again in the morning. As in today.}

In any case, rather than just talk about all the things I've been up to, I thought I'd offer proof. And so:

1.I finally got around to visiting my friendly neighborhood Arlington tailor (that's her workstation above), who hemmed my gorgeously drapey Phillip Lim gown (now, I just need someone to invite me to a black tie event!); fixed the zipper on my thrifted DVF dress (just in time for the big black/white surge happening in fashion); and sliced the sleeves off my thrifted boys tuxedo jacket, creating a very Wang-ish sort of vest. Hooray.

2.It got sunny! (Well, at least occasionally.) Much time has been spent wandering the flowery streets of D.C., sniffing beautiful blossoms.

3.Speaking of flowers, remember my idea to replicate those vintage flowery heels? It went swimmingly, if I do say so myself. {Notes: I'd suggest getting a wide, flat flower pin – mine were a few dollars on eBay -- and the kind with hair clips on the back for extra sturdiness.}

4.I now think everyone needs a giant rubber duckie in their tub.

5.My adorable friend Kevin *won* the Teeny-Tiny division of Apartment Therapy's Small Cool challenge! Fingers crossed he gets to meet Oprah. Also getting my vote: This Toronto pad (above) with the fab, enormous "C" on the wall. Fonts! Love.

6.I went to New York and spent hours wandering the MOMA. No matter how ubiquitous, Vitra's Algue never gets old to me.

7.I also went to the new Topshop. So disappointing! Maybe it's because I'm not on board with the current trends (acid-washed denim? No thanks.) or maybe it's my resolution to steer clear of cheap-chic, but I left empty-handed.

8.This iffy weather means I haven't done much experimenting with my own closet lately (basic uniform: American Apparel low v-neck tee; skinny jeans; Sally Tseng tuxedo jacket; very very high heels). But here's one thing I've always loved: The piled-on necklace. The mismatched strands of white (or black, depending on my mood) vintage beads have been collected from thrift stores over the years; I either load them up at the neckline or just do a few long strands depending on my mood (and outfit).

9.My kittens are adorable as always, if a little miffed I haven't had much time for belly rubs and snuggling.

10. Ack! I almost forgot! My fab friend Maggie saw my last post and decided to offer Spinach readers a special discount to her great eco-fash store, Modern Sage. Use the code "GOMSSPINACH" (cute!) for 30 percent off everything (one-time purchase only). Am now *seriously* contemplating galactic dress... Enjoy!

More to come!