Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Art, art, good for your heart…

I thoroughly enjoyed The Wurst Gallery's Vintage Vandals collection, in which a bunch of artists "updated" paintings they'd found at thrift stores, flea markets and the like. (They ingeniously provide before and after shots.) I once stayed with a friend of a friend in Dallas, Texas, and – despite the fact that he appeared to have never, ever, ever cleaned his toilet or shower – he did have an intensely cool collection of thrift store art. (It may be what gave his apartment the slightly musty odor, I'm not sure. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was.) Whenever I look for thrift store art, it is always things like Life's Little Instruction Book posters with cracked frames. This gives me new hope.

The work above is Portland, OR artist Chris Hutchinson''s contribution. But even better: Every artist had to answer a fun q& about their best thrift finds and whatnot, and Australian artist Beci Orpin's answers included a photo of her cool vintage book collection, which I now completely covet.


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