An Endorsement: Really Amazing Mascara

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am not much of a beauty product junkie; truthfully, I probably don't use enough of the stuff. And when I do, it's usually a) things people have given me for free; b) things the MAC people have convinced me I need because they are really incredibly persuasive at that store; c) things from Kiehl's, because I love them.

Despite those limitations, I do like most of my regular beauty products, but a good mascara has always eluded me. My eyes (back in the pre-laser eye surgery days, at least) always become irritated by those little mascara flakes. Plus I cry a lot, necessitating a supreme waterproofing formula. And even once those aspects are solved, I never end up with the thick, dramatic lashes like the advertising promises. Usually, I end up with anemic lashes and embarassing undereye smudging that makes me look sort of deathly ill.

Really, I have gone so far as to bookmark intense web discussions on mascaras to see if anyone has a breakthrough suggestion. So far, they have led me to buy a pricey tube of Lancome Definicils and it was really disappointing.

I am telling you all this because I want you to understand the true affection I now feel for my new L'Oreal Volume Shocking mascara. It's got two parts, you see: First, you brush on some thickening lash primer and then, apply one sweep of the mascara topcoat, and voila! Actual thick lashes! The results are really quite impressive.

(I accidentally got the non-waterproof kind, so I follow up with a coat of the Galoshes side of Lingerie & Galoshes for Lashes by Urban Decay, an extra waterproofer that I bought because the company founder once called it "surf-proof." It really probably is.)

And! In my first Freebie Giveaway, I have one extra brand-new, nonopened tube of the non-waterproof L'Oreal Volume Shocking mascara. Quick, send me a note and it's yours.

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Erica said...

You made this post AGES ago. But i just came across your blog today and I can't believe I haven't found it sooner. I think we might be brain twins. You've referenced Owl Keds, Kiehls, MAC, the cutest coats and dresses and bags ever- there is not one busted thing on this blog. And you were also on the quest for the perfect mascara, which I'm STILL on the quest for. It's like if I actually got my shit together re: the fashion and beauty thoughts in my head and decided to write about them.

By any chance do you still have this tube? This entry was so long ago that I'm guessing you don't.

I found this blog by searching "Eleanor Grolsch Owl Keds," btw.