The Bag Post

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If you live in Singapore and love style, you likely don't miss the Urban fashion section in the Straits Times newspaper every Thursday. The section generally has lots of local fashion info, of which the back page (a.k.a. The Bag Page) is my favorite. It features seven things some local celebrity keeps in his/her handbag or man purse. {This is actually my favorite sort of feature in any publication, fashion or otherwise. I love seeing other people's personal favorite things. It's always so illuminating.}

Now, I have secretly wanted to be featured on The Bag Page but have -- somewhat sadly -- never been asked, probably because I am not an actress or a singer or a MediaCorp Artiste (my absolute favorite kind of Singapore celebrity, possibly because I don't really know what it is). Therefore, I thought I'd take matters into my own hands.

And so! My bag of choice for today:
Orla Kiely car print tote, discovered (on sale!) at a shop in Shanghai years ago. I often use it on grumpier days; it always cheers me up:

{Note: I'm also sporting my ruffly vintage top, which Mike recently commented looks like it was stolen from Prince, but is actually very cool, and not just because Vogue has just declared big shoulders back in, kind of.}

Anyway. Back to the bag. What's inside? Lots of junk, but I weeded it down to seven picks:

1. Magazines. Must. Have. Magazines! Current reads include The New Yorker style issue and the "ornament issue" of I.D., which I picked up after seeing it featured on apt. therapy. Because really, I am nothing if not an ornamentalist.

2. Tiny patterned tin cases, recently picked up for about a buck at a kiddy-style store. My bags are generally packed with lots of unusual little pouches and tiny containers to hold all my things, and these fit in perfectly with the rest.

3. Hot pink pens from Muji. My friend Leighann introduced me to them a few months ago. They're so fun! Even a tedious to-do list is infinitely better in hot pink.

4. A blank notebook. I stockpile little notebooks and always carry them wherever I go. I save all my old ones; they're pretty much a trove of ideas, covetable products, wishes, phone numbers and to-do lists. Mostly to-do lists. I am always reminding myself that I need to accomplish stuff; otherwise, I would probably spend all day on the Internet. Doing things like this. Er. Hmm.

5. Scarf. For experimenting! And also just in case a bad hair day crops up.

6. Digital camera. I am never without at least one camera. Except about two weekends ago, when my clutch purse was just a little too small to fit one, so I left it at home and then we ended up having a crazy night with tons of drinks and beany hats and an impromptu mini-dance party in the middle of Boat Quay. I know, I bet you wish there were pics of that too. Lesson learned.

7. Shiny red iPod and its Doraemon carrying case (he's a robot cat with no ears, in case you are out of the Japanese cartoon loop). I'm currently rocking -- actually, more like bopping -- to the happy new Mika album (please keep any disparaging comments about that to yourself. ahem.). Actually, while I'm at it, I might as well say I'm looking forward to the Mandy Moore album that's out in June as well. What can I say? I love pop! It could be worse.


Anonymous said...

oh gosh those little tins are delightful! would you direct me to where you bought them from pls? i love collecting them :)


I want your bag, I want your magazines, and I want your Doraemon case! hehe. ;-)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your New Yorker style magazine from? I always keep a lookout for it at Borders, but can almost never find it.

Ms. Spinach said...

let's see.

1) The tins (and the Doraemon case) are from the Mini-Toons shop in the Singapore Airport Budget Terminal. (I also scored some awesome cherry-printed shoelaces there.) Ten bucks + Mini-Toons makes waiting for flights oh-so-enjoyable.

2) I have a subscription to the New Yorker (and most U.S. magazines. It costs too much to buy them in Singapore every month!) Kinokuniya seems to often have them in stock, tho I don't think I saw the style issue when I was there today, unfortunately.

Joanna Goddard said...

cute stuff! i love that car bag.

Anonymous said...

Finally I have found someone just like me!
my husband is called Mike!He allows me to shop shamelessly!
I collect magazines-Paris Vogue my fave!
I stockpile notebooks and have them everywhere new and used!!For over 28 years!!!!All pretty ones-my first had a pop art cover of Marilyn!!

Love your parents asian pics and your style.
shame I live in rural Australia!

Anonymous said...

The two things that I look forward to on Thurs is the upcoming weekend and Urban! I absolutely love reading it; its the first thing I read on all my Thurs morning. The bag page is great but I prefer seeing ladies being featured instead of guys. Most guys bags are plain and their stuffs are either boring/old. Love your bag btw!

Anonymous said...

Oh and btw, if you catch either channel 5 or 8 on TV, you'll see the MediaCorp artistes. The two most famous ones will be Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

Anonymous said...

Oh swoon over your Orla Kiely bag! I'm sure you have already seen the flickr group 'whats in your bag?'-that's a lot of fun too.

Unknown said...

yay, i'm so glad you have fallen for the pink pens! i will be sure to tell barbara, she introduced me to them. the cute terrycloth hair band i bought at muji that day is hiding from me somewhere in my apartment and i am sad. i found an american apparel short terry bathrobe that matches it perfectly!

p.s. i love this post. it has inspired me to go clean out my purse. (it's a very rainy sunday in nyc). ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like ur black notebook! It's really hard to find a nice sleek one which have the band across too!
May I know where did u get it from?


Anonymous said...

i love wallets... how come u dont have one??

Anonymous said...



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