Photos galore!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A random assortment of photos from my parents' recent trip can be found over here, if you're interested (I personally think the click is worth it for the giraffe knees alone).

The pic above was snapped during our week in Ho Chi Minh City. Much of Vietnam's daily life is done on the sidewalks, whether it's eating, napping, visiting with friends or doing your hair. On every block are several little street "cafes" – basically a bunch of small tables and stools where you can stop off for a cheap noodle or coffee fix. I'm not sure I'd recommend it from a culinary perspective, but I think the little fold-up tables are fantastic – their surfaces are covered in these fabulous 70s-style patterns. I would have bought a bunch of them to use as end tables and stuff if the whole carrying-on-a-plane component wasn't so logistically daunting.