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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If I was going to be here in Singapore this Saturday, I'd totally check out the screening of Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst (last item), part of the Singapore International Film Festival that runs through April 30th. Broadhurst was an eccentric world traveler who eventually made her name in design for her amazing graphic prints for textiles and wallpaper. (Here's a full bio, if you're interested.) The film got good reviews and – especially now that Broadhurst's designs are back in style (thanks in part to a buzzed-about new book on her) – it's probably worth your Saturday afternoon.

Here's just a few snippets of her amazing designs; Print & Pattern has more.

Unfolding Florence screening, April 21, 4:15pm, Lido Classic theater



Gosh, luckily I check your blog in time. I'd been wishing they would release its DVD, so I could watch it here in Singapore. Finally my chance is here. Thanks a bunch for the tip, ms. spinach!

btw, that's one fresh lookin' banner! love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks to your timely suggestion, I managed to catch Unfolding Florence on Sat and loved it to bits! I found myself re-inspired again. Unfortunately, when I enquired with the Film Fest staff if the DVD would be released (it's sooo worth owning this film), my request was met with many blank stares... Ah well.

Anyway, thanks again, it made my weekend! :)


watched and loved it! but sadly I went there alone, my husband refused to watch a documentary film. Nevertheless, it's a great movie, and a pretty one too if I may say. :)

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