Updating our Look for Spring

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Look at us, getting all spiffy! One of our readers, the very generous Wendy Frink (who just happens to be a graphic designer), totally surprised us recently with the gift of a new {green!} site header. It was so cool, we decided it was time to start sprucing things up around here. We are still prettying things up so it looks good on all web browsers (and, uh, not just our own), but it's a start. Thanks, Wendy!

You'll also notice a new link section over at the left, where I've begun to list some of the stores and designers around Asia (and occasionally beyond) that I love and find inspiring. That list will be in addition to my regular city guides – more installments are on their way! – but are definitely worth a click whenever you have some time to kill.

In the meantime, I'm off to the U.S.! Talk amongst yourselves.

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Unknown said...

Here's a really cool designed site for Vera Wang (it just launched in tandem with the commercial she shot for HP): I love how the paintbrush-sketch model walks down the runway while outfits morph into different pieces from her Fall/Winter line. Enjoy! And have fun here in the states :)