Reasons why my productivity is at a new low…

Sunday, April 15, 2007

So much good stuff on the internet this week! Here's just a few of the great things that have distracted me from doing actual work:

+I'm smitten with the retro-playful-colorful goodness of these rooms by interior designer Scott Sanders {that's a glimpse above}. I am (random trivia alert!) an absolute Connect Four freak and I love how he incorporated the game into the décor.

+Susie Bubble scored the yellow Zara dress! Cute, cute, cute. Love the leggings. {Oh, and don’t miss her awesome newly reconstructed dress. I may have to steal the idea, I love it so.}

+It's been all over the blogosphere, and for good reason: Miranda July's cute and clever website for her new book totally made me smile.

+Oh my goodness, Tim Gunn has a new book, coming out May 1. (!!) Some people line up for Harry Potter, but you can be assured that *I* will be lining up for Tim.

+More What's In my Bag goodness: The lovely Cruststation reminded me that there is a great flickr group solely dedicated to this very topic. People everywhere are carrying around intensely cute stuff, it seems.

+Er, potential offenses aside, we really love what the extremely artistic Kevin Khuong of Fashionista did to create this Marimekko-inspired DIY scarf.

+Galadarling has a great list of what is chic. Read. Discuss. Contribute.

+And speaking of Gala, don't forget that this Saturday is International Dress-up Day #3! The theme is an Unbirthday Party, which is really just the perfect excuse to wear your most colorful, poufy birthday girl (or boy) outfit. As if we really needed a reason for that. Still, count us in, it sounds tiara-riffic!


Grace said...

Man, I love Miranda July. She has that quirky cool thing that everyone wants, but she makes it seem so effortless.

Also, I too am excited for Tim Gunn's new book, but I am also very excited for Harry Potter. :-)

Ms. Spinach said...

oh don't get me wrong -- i've not missed a harry potter yet. but i wouldn't go at midnight in a cape to get a copy.

but, for tim gunn, i totally would! it would probably be some sort of 60s vintage cape instead of a Hogwarts' one, but you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

oh god i love a theme day when everyone decides to dress for fun. i am so on that.

-robin in l.a.

Anonymous said...

So many great links, I love Susie Bubble's reconstructed dress! She's a fashionista as well as talented crafter -that's cool.
Love Miranda July's book link, it's fantastic!
Such a surprise to find my name here, glad you like the flickr group too :)

Anonymous said...

i bought miranda july.s new i am waiting for the postman to bring it....

Anonymous said...



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