On with the show! {Updated}

Monday, April 02, 2007

{Note, with apologies} Due to a scheduling conflict, we've had to change the date. The good news: You'll get your Unzipped fix even sooner! We hope you'll still be able to join us on April 14 for the show -- the details remain the same, it's just the date that's changed.

We're very, very excited to bring back round two of the Fashion is Spinach film series on Saturday, April 21 April 14. This time we'll be screening Unzipped, a documentary that follows Isaac Mizrahi as he preps for a big collection and runway show. Tons and tons of cameos, and a great behind-the-scenes look at putting together a collection. Plus! It was shot in the mid-1990s so the fashion concepts are a little ridiculous. (And, in honor of the film and Mizrahi's flair for outrageous color, I'm planning on wearing something bright and ostentatious. Possibly something very, very pink.)

We'll be hanging out at the adorable Pitch Black from 7:30pm onwards; feel free to come early to chat and eat a few delicious brownies and watch me wonder if anyone will show up. The film will start at 8:30pm, give or take five minutes. {Update} We'll be raffling off this fantastic clutch purse from Singapore brand Little Odd Forest to one lucky audience member.

Seats are limited, so I highly recommend RSVPing to me whenever you're ready to make a commitment. Hope to see you soon!


Unknown said...

hey ms spinach! remember that dress you loved? it's been made into a bag:

Anonymous said...

I have a skirt in the same print, but in pink and red. I had bought it from KL.

Anonymous said...