If at First You Don't Succeed…

Monday, September 18, 2006

So, when I came back the other week, I had a pile of boxes waiting for me -- including three pairs of shoes. Normally, this would make me jump up and down and squeal like a girl. But when I ripped open the boxes – which included two pairs of Urban Outfitters ballet flats, and those Le Train Bleu flats that also seemed so cute -- they were major disappointments.

First, does anyone else have the problem with cheapy ballet flats where your big toenail sticks out sort of visibly? Or do I just have weird toes? (I am perfectly willing to accept responsibility if it is, in fact, the fault of my own feet.) But really, on many of the low-priced flats I've tried on, I get this weird bulge on top where the big toenail is pokes into the shoe. It is really not cute, and so, back I go to the ballet flat drawing board.

I also received the Le Train Bleu cut-out flats, which seemed so darling on the Internet and then were sort of stiff and odd-fitting in reality. This is an unavoidable problem with Internet shopping, and I do fully expect that a good number of not-seen-in-person orders might just not work out. Still, being adult about it doesn't get me cute footwear any faster.

So now I'm thinking about the Fabia flat by Bronx shoes, currently $69.95 at and available in four colors. (They're also available for a few dollars more but free shipping at Zappo's.) That's it above -- nice, no? I've seen these in person on my friend Ritu, and while she warns that you will not be running any marathons in these shoes, at least I know they are actually attractive to look at. Which is a start, I guess.

But you know what I'd really like? A nice pair of simple, ballet-style Keds, like my beloved owl Keds but in plain colors. Seems like a no-brainer that Keds would jump on the ballet flat bandwagon -- their basic styles are practically perfect for such a trend. But no. And so: sigh.


Robin said...

I bought 2 pairs of these and they are absolutely perfect in my book. I too had been searching long & hard. I just couldn't fork over $100+ for ballet flats.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the Fabia flats but I also really like the new Jeffrey Campbell Lisa shoes, have you seen them? I've tried them on and they are super cute and flattering in person! They come in a couple diff. colors. You can find them at at the beginning of the flats section and they also have other cute flats. Happy shoe shopping!

Anonymous said...

I found these at and i absolutely love them!

e! said...

The urban outfitters ballet flats are horrible.

I found a pair of very similar looking ones in leather that are padded and waay more comfortable (elimiates the hobbit-toe syndrome too) at WAL-MART and they were only $10.

I feel no shame for supporting WAL-MART...sort of...

Grace said...

I have the same problem with cut-outs on ballet flats. I dig the Bronx flats. I have a pair that is similar, and they're pretty comfy. I recently bought a pair of very simple cloth ballet flats at Target and they are fantastic! It's like wearing a slipper around because they're so soft. I highly recommend getting a pair. I think they're xhileration brand.

Anonymous said...

I have the EXACT same problem! I even made a hole in my trainers once just from my big toe sticking up like this /. I feel better knowing there are others out there with demented feet.

Anonymous said...

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