Outrageously Expensive eBaying (Sigh.)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We saw the amazing vintage Marimekko dress above on Silk Felt Soil earlier this week, and our first thought was: We wish our mom had old Marimekko dresses to give us! And our second thought was: Better get to eBay quick and see what might be going on in the vintage Marimekko dress department.

Imagine our excitement when we found the three vintage Marimekko dresses below and immediately put them on our "watch this item" list. At that time, they were selling for $20. Today, they are selling for $355. And so, it seems, we will not be getting any vintage Marimekko dresses anytime soon.

Although now we are thinking about getting some current Marimekko fabric and crafting a little 60s-style shift dress ourselves. We're expecting our copy of Sew U: the Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe, any day now and so, why not have a project ready to go for its arrival?


Anonymous said...

Very good idea. It is scary when things sky rocket like that, suddenly they become priceless...

Mackenzie said...

The cool thing about ebay, is that there are probably people out there, selling Marimekko dresses, who don't bother to mention the brand because they don't know it's trendy, or they don't notice, and the dress goes for like $12.56 to someone who wore it for a halloween costume.
The key to ebay, is to not search for brand names. You'll find soooo much more.

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