Cough. Cough.

Monday, September 18, 2006

There is nothing worse than being sick – I've caught some sort of throat-all-sore-and-swollen cold and it is just sapping my energy. Which is unfortunate because I've got some work to wrap up and then I will (finally!) have some free time to devote to other important pursuits, like paying attention to my very neglected sewing machine and unearthing my poor desk from the mound of stuff currently living in a scarily unstable pile on top of it.

What's making me feel slightly better is looking at these pictures from my trip to Bangkok last week. One of my unexpectedly favorite parts of the trip was meeting local jewelry designer Candy Rojanatorn na Songkhla, who runs four very different shops at the Promenade of the Nai-Lert Park hotel in Bangkok. (Side note: The hotel also has a great Sunday brunch with free-flow mojitos. Yum.) Candy's stores – one is a jewelry store, one focuses on her handbag line, and two are aimed at random creative pursuits – are decorated with lots of artwork, mostly by her friend and well-regarded Thai pop artist Kongpat Sakdapitak. I absolutely fell in love with his bright, bold paintings and Candy's clever presentation of the pieces. Each shop was so bright and happy, I really hated to leave. These are a few snaps from her amazing stores.

The other thing cheering me up is that Mike ordered me the E! channel this weekend, and I'm able to sit here with my lozenges and tea and watch more-ridiculous-than-usual episodes of True Hollywood Story (Tori Spelling! Elizabeth Hurley!) to my little celebrity-loving heart's content.


Anonymous said...

Those photos are enough to cheer anyone up. Gorgeous. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I read your blog and I want to hop on a flight to Singapore ASAP


Amazing shop! I have to take note on this one. :)