A Little Fall Inspiration: Orla Kiely

Monday, September 25, 2006

I think I've been subconsciously avoiding looking at the new Orla Kiely fall collection, due to an unfortunate incident that happened a few weeks ago. Which was: I had, after much hemming and hawing, decided that I needed to take advantage of Orla's amazing end-of-summer sales and buy one of her beautiful and very generously reduced bags. You know that moment? You're thinking about something for a while and then you finally decide to do it and you're like, "Yes! yes! yes! I cannot wait!".

And so, I went online to purchase the purse (the car print one), which was something like 50 pounds. And… then I found out the shipping was going to be 40 pounds. Which really made the deal not so great anymore. Really, if the bag had been 80 pounds and the shipping had been 10 pounds, I might have bought it. But I just could not fathom paying the same amount for the bag as for someone to put the bag in a box and mail it to me. I know it's not Orla's fault that I live overseas, but. Still.

So I didn't buy it. Which made me a little sad and which is probably why I haven't stopped by her site to look at all the new stuff. Shiny Squirrel's post this week finally convinced me to click over, and I was not disappointed. So many beautiful things, and so well styled. I hope she puts up more candid shots of the collection like the image of the gorgeous skirt above, even if all I'm able to do is admire from afar.

Someday, I imagine I will go to Orla Kiely's store in London and probably squeal a lot.