Things That Make You Go Oooooh…

Monday, September 25, 2006

We stopped by the charming Anthropology in Holland Village and immediately got all excited when we saw three brand-new editions of our favorite Luxe City Guides -- Istanbul, Paris and Madrid. (We have no plans of going to any of these places in the immediate future, but I still jumped up and down and wanted them instantly. The salesgirl looked a little alarmed; I don't think she'd ever seen anyone get so excited about a city guide before, but that's just the type of guides these are.)

Anyway, turns out they're hot off the press and so if these spots are on your travel itinerary for the near future, then we heartily recommend. The shopping sections of these guides are singlehandedly responsible for making us very, very poor – but also very, very excited about lots of beautiful new things.

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