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Friday, May 02, 2008

In case you just cannot get enough of me (hi mom!), be sure to check out my mini-photo shoot over on Righteous (re)Style from the DCScout party last night. Maria did a great job styling me (the stripey dress under the flouncy dress? cute!) and, although my eyes kind of look like they're about to bulge out of my head in the evening gown, it sure is purty (again, I blame the lung-constricting size—but it was the only one left in stock, and I was determined to squeeze into it!).

Oh yeah, and also:
+I'm going to be painting schools tomorrow (hopefully in pretty colors) as part of the DC Cares Servathon. It's not too late to donate a couple of dollars to sponsor me in the name of a great cause and some fab educational hues. (Ahem. Mom.)

+New shops and fashion-y events around town (I'm thinking of heading out to Timothy Paul's new housewares shop later today… I caught a glimpse inside the day before it opened, and it looks really, really cute. See also here.)

+Cynthia Rowley makes me seriously covet a pink garden hose, even though I do not have a garden. Or a lawn. Or even a houseplant.

+The Marymount student show recap should also be up later today is now up(!). I am personally besotted with designer Lynn Matthysse's gorgeous super-exaggerated skirt ensemble (below left) and Farah Jafarzadeh's amazing sheer black lace peasant sleeved dress, which this photo is just not doing justice. There were lots and lots of cool items and great styling; check it out if you can.


Lee said...

Simply amazing! I love these shots - the belt is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, that dress looks amazing on you. and yes, the fashion show recap is being put online as i type this!

Ammu said...

Oh my, that dress looks terrific on you! And I love the belt and the shoes - what a great look!

Anonymous said...

ummm you look great but lose the shoes. those silver gladiators you like would be better

Stacy said...

That dress you are wearing looks great.

I ♥ You said...

you are so darn cute!!!

Anonymous said...

love that outfit, the belt is amaaazing! :)

Anna said...

You look awesome!!! So awesome!!!

Emma said...

man i would *kill* for those legs!

Anonymous said...

Love your photo shoot, how fun!

Ms. Dip said...

hey ms. spinach, love the photo shoot -- you look amazing in the white gown. alas, did NOT get to visit SPACE because it's in Tuscany (curses!) but not to worry, am planning completely different trip for that. i did hit up some ms.spinach-friendly shops and saved business cards (and cute pics) for when you and Mike visit.

Pamcasso said...

this is great, so clean- lurve the belt!

Amicacarmilla said...

such a great figure!

I love the shoes you have on as they look just the right height... what are they?

I always read your blog with pleasure...

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