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Monday, May 12, 2008

In case you missed it:
+Bethesda-based interior designer Sara Tuttle was named one of The Domino 10 and she was nice enough to tell me some of her favorite easy decorating tips for, uh, those of us who probably can't afford her services. My personal favorite? Her suggestion to DIY your own Pollock- or Rothko-esque modern artwork – she swears she's done this lots of times, and the results are always spectacular. I'm completely intrigued.

I'd have to suggest you use the amazingly fun to get your creative juices flowing, a la the art above, via here.

+And! Rachel of Project Beltway and I will be hosting a fashion chat on the site on Friday, and we want your burning style questions! Feel free to submit questions in advance about anything fashiony, such as where we're shopping right now, or what our biggest summer fashion pet peeves are, or what's on our Desperately Coveted wishlists at the moment, or even what kinds of vintage finds I scored in Nashville (because you know I did!).

Really, anything remotely stylish is fair game. Plus, it will be doing me a big favor, because hosting an online chat brings out all kinds of fears not unlike throwing a party in sixth grade and wondering if anyone will actually come.


Always In Style said...

I've tried that Pollock site before - what great fun!

Anonymous said...

so much fun!

Anonymous said...

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